Thursday, October 03, 2013


BUT FIRST... how about some more photos from yesterday?

You don't get a choice... of course! ☺ha☺ ha☺ha!  

ABOVE:  three weeks to go... and she's already getting a big belly!  I'm going to run a 'Guess the #No. and ratio of Boys & Girls 'COMPETITON' soon.
Maybe the winner will get a Chooky mini tablecloth!
Heads up... I have to make it first!  lol

Today... well our visitor wants to see Lacy's home, and check out her local shopping centre too.
So... off to Botany we go.


Look what I got via email today, photos of Phantom!

ABOVE:  Phantom as a puppy...


He looks utterly gorgeous!  And awww...look at his little jumper!  
Thanks Jackie and Tony for sending us the photos.  Isn't he so cute.

4.30 pm... and finally home.  We had a good time looking around the shops and getting Lacy a few groceries, before coming home to relax for a while.

It's rather HOT today!  I went out in a heavy jacket, but had to take it off mid-morning.  

As far as I know, I'm going grocery shopping tonight, then hopefully I can do a little bit of sewing before bedtime.

LUCINDA:  yep, we are all well... and I hope all are well down there too.  Lovely to 'hear' from you.  

Family's dinner tonight... chicken pieces baked in a teriyaki marinade, served with veges and rice.  

Once again, I'm not having any as I had a chicken, avocado and potato 'salad' for lunch, which I am calling my 'main meal' of the day.

I will have something light to eat a bit later on.

I am determined that in 2 days time I shall show a 'decent' loss for the past 30 days.

No more 'treading water' for this Chick!

End of Day:  well it's been a rather busy day, and everyone is in bed except me.

And I'm not far off hitting the sack too... it's 11.25 pm.  Tired.  
nite nite


  1. Fun pics!! Have fun visiting!

  2. AWwww, it's nice to get pics of your gran-puppy!

    543-d nndimsg
    akendma 107

  3. I loved Brylees fashion show yesterday LOVE the black n white outfit, more shopping yay! NICE cake too yummmmm. Phantom looks so cute in that jumper..

  4. Wow Phantom looks beautiful!


  5. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Love all the photos hope you are all well cheers Richard Lucinda Mikayla and Sophie

  6. Not that Grannie reads but...Grannie thank you so very Very much for today, I am just so very happy we all had a lovely day and so very grateful for taking me and Keera grocery shopping.
    Loads of love Me and K'Bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo

  7. Love the "updated" puppy photos!


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