Friday, October 25, 2013


WELL... it's Day 59!

With Coco's last two litters she delivered on Day 59, so let's cross our fingers she doesn't linger any longer!

I'm over the wait.

I want to see our new babies.
And see how many girls and how many boys, and what colours they are.

First LITTER we had black/white, grey/white AND ginger/white.

Second LITTER all our puppies were black/white/tan.

I am really hoping for a ginger/white or grey/white one again.

So... today???

While we all wait, here's my latest mug rug:

ABOVE:  bear in mind I've not had time to do the stitching yet.  I might get that done today, if Coco stays in one piece!


We have a restless Coco, and just now she started 'digging', which is a sign of 'nesting'... so she is most likely in the very early stages of Labour!  

ABOVE:  she is lying on my lap, on the white fluffy blanket she tried to have her puppies on the last two times!
She's pacing, panting.... IN LABOUR for sure.
She has also gone into the Whelping Box several times, sniffed around, dug holes... all the things I expect her to do.

I cannot predict exactly how long she will take to deliver her first puppy... so hang in there.

ABOVE:  a quick video of Coco's pups moving... while she's in labour.

I am thinking of getting the birth of a puppy or two on video too this time.  I've not done that before.
I will post it if I do get a video of the birth.

So be warned (censor for children).

ABOVE:  Coco nesting... no sign of puppies yet.  She barks at the end because the kids came in the front door from school.

ABOVE:  Coco resting on Bex's lap.  Poor Bex was shitting herself, thinking Coco would have a puppy on her lap. 

STILL DIGGING!  And that is all.  This could be a very long day/night. 

ABOVE:  we gave her a bigger 'den'.  She's resting in between digging ...  gawd this is taking a long time!  Poor Coco, the hardest part is still to come.

I can't believe this.  Coco is still hanging in there with no sign of having a puppy soon!  She's still panting, in labour and getting very tired.  I hope this does not drag on all night, or we are all going to be exhausted tomorrow.

I'm so sorry I can't give you good news yet.
The only change in the past two hours is that she has stopped the digging and is just lying fairly still, panting heavily on and off.

25th October 2013....
10.45 pm:  Welcome to our world RUBY.  218 grams and a breech baby. (girl)

11.22 pm: Welcome to our world JET.  161 grams and ANOTHER breech baby!  (boy)


26th October 2013....

12.25 am:  Welcome to our world JASPER. 200 grams and a normal delivery.  (boy)

12.46 am:  Welcome to our world FLINT.  177 grams and a normal delivery. (boy)

1.28 am:  Welcome to our world PEARL.  200 grams and a normal delivery. (girl)

2.09 am: Welcome to our world JADE. 181 grams and a normal delivery. (girl)

And now we wait and see if there was a No# 7 hiding in there!

WELL... it would appear NOT.  I've waited about an hour and a half and no one else has arrived, so it would appear we have 3 girls and 3 boys.

End of a VERY LONG Day:  and what a day it's been!  
I shall put heaps of photos up tomorrow, and a bit more information about the puppies births.
nite nite


  1. Wow go coco girl it's the Birthing day :) Hope all go's well Chris

  2. Woo hoo, puppies soon!!! Can't wait to see them!!
    I absolutely LOVE that mug rug!!!! I love roosters!!!!

  3. That mug rug is so cute!

    Yeah the puppies are coming!

  4. Hope Coco has a safe labor and you have healthy pups!

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Good Luck Coco I hope you have a safe labor. Chris I bet your counter goes crazy today with us all checking in
    every hour to see what's happening. Have a great day.

  6. So exciting, keep us posted :-)

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Hope everything goes well with Coco!

    Perth Australia

  8. Oh my how exciting !!!!!!! Can not wait to see :)

  9. Oh Good Luck Coco From Your Human Aunti Lacy and Human Niece Keera Xoxoxox

    1. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Lol lacy aint you meant to be her human sister? just saying :)
      but good luck COCO lucky humans cant produce like that.


  10. good luck to Coco...and to you. I can't wait to see them.

  11. Hope everything goes well for Coco, good luck x

  12. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Exciting!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. GO COCO GO..........

  14. oooh so exciting... thanks for the updates! xxx

  15. Sounds like you could be in for a long day/night .... very exciting one though :)

  16. Refreshing every 10 minutes for puppy news ;-)

  17. Exciting as your stats today will be the highest ever I bet!!!! maybe sit in whelping box with her? rain has started here already oh nice!!!! Enjoy your long weekend..

  18. oh man, i can't believe I have to go to bed with no puppies... I will be away for a few days. By the time I return to your blog the pups will be a day or two old!

  19. STILL no puppies? Ohhh poor Coco.

  20. ohhhh come on puppies!! I am refreshing so often! Your stats are gunna be through the roof for the next few days!!

  21. Poor Coco. I hope for her sake it happens soon.

  22. Yay, welcome Ruby!!! Well done Coco xx

  23. Anonymous10:56 PM

    How exciting.....Good luck Coco
    Michelle x

  24. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy puppies yayyyyyyyyyyyy

  25. Thank the lord I can A: stop refreshing and B: go to bed!!!!

  26. Yay!!! Welcome to this world Ruby :)

  27. Yes Chris... we are still up and waiting for puppies !!

  28. Fingers Xed for little Coco and a safe delivery of the rest of the precious gems.

  29. Sounds like it is coming along nicely.... hope you manage to get some sleep at some stage before the sun comes up!

  30. C'mon little puppers, Mummy is probably getting tired!!!

  31. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Congratulations to you Chris the proud puppy grandmother. Awesome news! I hope Coco is doing well. Can't go to bed while she is still
    delivering. So exciting :)

  32. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Well done Chis and Coco. Can't wait to see photos. :)

  33. Congratulations to everyone involved xx

  34. Congratulations. I am so glad all went well. I just woke up & had to check in at 4.15! Looking forward to photos.


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