Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Yesterday I asked Bex to bring home some potatoes, as I didn't have enough for dinner.

This is what she got...

I wasn't impressed with the packaging at all, those spuds looked NOTHING like the picture on the bad.  Pffffft.  And I hate having to peel dirty potatoes!  Loose dirt on my hands literally makes me cringe and need to wash my hands immediately!  

So luckily for me Stew got home JUST in time to do them for me.

TODAY:  hopefully we get the last of the photos sorted out... then we can relax.
After lunch we are going out for afternoon tea at my Aunty Jean's home.


PEARL:  he is a darling eh?  I'm sure he will appreciate the ♥ LOVE ♥ ...  *smiles* 

A quick rundown of our day ... lunch at Manukau... afternoon tea at Aunty Jean's, picked up rental car for our visitor to use... and home again.

So... out most of the day.

Now it's dinnertime, and our visitor is making dinner!
Yaaaa... I shall sit back and just watch.  *smiles*

Ha Ha!  I forgot 'End of Day'.  Must have been busy!
So... it was a good day... a lot colder than previous days that's for sure.  We are having a nasty spring storm.
belated nite nite.


  1. I don't know him, but I love Stew!! :-)


  2. Gees ... I'd be taking the potatoes back - very misleading packaging. It's not like the packaging is showing them as being peeled. You certainly have a good man in Stew ... must admit my husband is pretty good with peeling potatoes for me too (but then my hands break out in dermatitis every time I peel the things!). I hope you've had a good day.

  3. Most misleading, indeed. Lucky Stew was indeed at home, Lucky Bex and how lucky she is her lovely partner her darling son, and her wonderful family around her...

  4. Enjoy your dinner. Love Bex's flowers.

  5. Happy anniversary Steve and Bex.

  6. awww Happy Anniversary Bex and Steve.

  7. I worked at McDonalds for one week when I was a kid, then turned in my two weeks notice. Worst job I ever had. But look at a picture of any McDonalds burger, and then look at what you get.

    sidoff 75


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