Friday, October 18, 2013


In just a few hours I will know HOW MANY puppies Coco is having.
I'm beyond excited.  Nervous too.  I hope she hasn't got too many in there!

Not sure yet if Bex is coming or not, it will depend on how Dante is.  He usually goes back to bed after breakfast for a nap.  If he doesn't, he gets all grizzly.  So, that's up in the air.

AFTER the X-Ray I am going over to Lacy's home to pick up Miss Muppet.  We have her for the entire weekend.

And after I get her, I am coming home and will update on here with THE NUMBER.

And then have some Grandma time with Keera.

I've missed seeing her for the past week or so.

 ABOVE:  A certain baby boy seems to think it's OK to eat my shoe laces.  Little rat bag.

Progress on the mug rugs from last night:

I had to cut out backings for all 18, then I made a label for each one too... so it took more time than I thought.  

Maybe today I will get more done.  But I'm not counting me chickens cos I have Keera to look after too.


Well... the point of the x-ray was to determine numbers.
BUT this time is was not that clear... so we definitely have SIX, but there might be a seventh hiding!

Off to get Miss Muppet now.

My time in the sewing room is going to be seriously compromised for the next few days... Miss Keera is into EVERYTHING and needs to be watched non-stop.  I might have to get Brylee and Griffin to do some 'babysitting'!  

Poor Lacy.  Her bus was 40 minutes late.  AND then it broke down 2 minutes after they left... and now she's boiling hot on the bus.  Oh well... at least she's properly on her way. 
She's off to see friends and have a nice weekend break.

Well... I managed to get an hour down in the sewing room... and I got the first mug rug finished...

ABOVE:  there's two like this, they are actually almost big enough to be called a Placemat.  
I love them and will find it hard to give them away.... so I might have to keep them.  *smiles*

I love everything I make!  I'm not conceited... I know my sewing isn't THAT good... but I do find it hard to part with some of my stuff.  

Stew said the other night that there's only so many mug rugs we need!  I know he's right, *sad face*.

BLONDIE:  nice thought, but you NEVER ever make money making crafts in New Zealand.  Far too many people try it and find out real fast that most people would rather spend their money on cheap imports, not hand made and more expensive products.  
It's just how it is I'm afraid.  I'm not even remotely interested in doing craft fairs and slaving my guts out for little gain.  Been there, done that.

End of Day:  tired tonight.  Might even go to bed early, and fingers crossed Miss Keera sleeps all night.
nite nite


  1. "Yeay! When you post your Friday post, Friday starts all over the world", he typed from work on a Thursday.

    ddeate 13

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    My guess 7 puppies.

  3. You know Chris, we are just so lucky having our grandbabies to kiss and cuddle!!! I am sorry you don't get to kiss and cuddle all of your grandkids though - that is sad indeed. Having a relationship with your grandparent is one of most special bonds ever :) Good luck with the puppies, I won't try and guess but good luck :)

  4. Bugger. I said 8..... let's hope there are TWO hiding!!!!!!!! ;-)

  5. yay I still say 7 cause shes fat as!!!! Dante and Keera wow that's a busy house.. hope you have a lovely weekend with those 2. it is always nice to see the sewing progressing cause it really looks like nothing when fabrics are first starting out then poof a few cuts some stitching and magic!

  6. Wow what an x-ray! Can't wait!

  7. Do you know something I love that heart mug rug/mat!!! now that you have a crafty person in the house why don't you and Bex crank up the craft and start a stall then she earns an income you earn an income and it helps everybody cards and mats those crotchet things, bags, those nifty cellphone ipod holders you did awhile ago. Even at 1 stall a month it could still be viable Car boot stall? Market days I know you gave them a whirl last time but this time you have another talented crafty person to help.....

  8. Aw they are so cute! (the rugs) 6 or 7 puppies! Full time job for sure!

  9. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.


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