Monday, October 14, 2013


ONE:  Marshmallows!

Bex mentioned that she had seen some big marshmallows at The Warehouse... so Stew went down and got some.

ABOVE: I can't get over how HUGE they are!

TWO:  visitors.

This house will be a NO GO zone from the 20th of October until further notice.  I will NOT have Coco stressed prior to the pups being born, and the puppies will not be exposed to visitors until they are several weeks old.  

Thanks for understanding if this affects YOU.

ABOVE:  Brylee's reaction to being given a marshmallow.... I told her she was only getting one, that was BEFORE she saw them.
One is enough for anybody!  

There is something wrong with these photos ... Dante should be on the outside of the Whelping pen eh.

Today:  seems we are off to David's Emporium.  Bex wants to get a few things.  I will tag along for the hell of it I suppose.
I really don't need anything else right now.


I've changed my mind on Puppy names!
Girls will still be jewels.  Boys?  Gone off metals.  I want something nicer... can you imagine calling a puppy Steel?  Nah, me neither.

Steve thinks we should go with names like Onyx, Slate, Clay etc.   I'm not convinced.

So... gimme some ideas!  

Been out. Only bought two little notebooks!
Bex got a few bits 'n' bobs too.
We then came home, fed our faces, and Dante, and Coco... watched a little telly... and now?
A quiet time until the kids come home.

Some interesting name ideas coming out... I'd thought of car names too Tracy!
And earth elements too Jen.
Peta... can you imagine calling a little fluff ball Lassie?  I can't, but thanks for the suggestions.  *smiles*

Well... I was thinking I was having a very unproductive day... then I realised it wasn't really!

I've cooked 40 days worth of dog food, baked a loaf of bread and right now... that roast pork went into the oven.
Not bad if ya ask me.

And yep, Bex and I 'tasted' the bread to make sure it was alright.  It is.  Yes indeed.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  this is the dogs SECOND most favourite place to lie.  My lap is Coco's first preference.  Teddy will lie anywhere usually.

End of Day:  really, really tired tonight.  Took me 'nite nite' pills a bit too early.  So, I'm off to bed early.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Ha ha ha.... thats a tui advert....going to davids emporium but "I don't need anything right now. ..". I have never been there and not found something interesting! ! Wish I was going with you guys. Alas...back to school for me ;)

  2. Lorraine H9:01 AM

    I brought a bag of those Marshmellows awhile ago.Oh they are yummy.Was quite happy just having one at a time.The look one Brylee's face is classic.

    Southgirl x

  3. wow...I have never seen marshmallows THAT big !!

    And how about Jet, Mica, Shale, Flint as names....

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM


    What about names from famous books about dogs, like Tin Tin, Pluto,Lassie, etc...


  5. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I just remembered Tin Tins dog was called Snowy


  6. How about 1980's classic cars? Zephyr, Anglia, Cortina, Capri etc.

  7. The names of the rabbits in the book "Watership Down" are clever. Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Blackberry, Dandelion, Pipkin, Silver, Buckhorn, Acorn ect.... An awesome book. One I never would have read based on the title. Now I want a Collie to name Bigwig. Hubbie thinks the name makes it sound like the dog is in trouble all the time. Bigwig which means "Fur-head" and refers to the shock of fur on the top of his head - perfect for a big fluffy collie!

  8. Ontooli - The secret letters I just had to type in to leave the last comment. Collect these from people for the most unique puppy names EVER!

  9. Good idea making a months worth of food cause me thinks you are going to be busy, I do hope your house is visitor free!!! for a while. Dante is going to loooooovvvvvveee the puppies I'm sure. Superhero names !!

  10. What about tree names for the dogs? Or Smurf names ... there are a heap of cute ones ... (you could just use the first names and leave off the "smurf" bit)

  11. I want five marshmallows in mine please!

  12. I had just come back from shopping with bluebell , made a cuppa chocolate , sat and read the blogs while drinking it . It was going down quite nicely till I read about the Mmmmmmarshmmmmmallows

  13. Those marshmallows cost like $2 here. CRAZY!


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