Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Coco was lying on my lap... she does every chance she gets nowdays... and I felt her puppies moving, and I could see them too.

So exciting.  And today is DAY 50!

Only 8-9 days to go.  Gosh ... it's gone fast.

I am going to try and get a little video of her tummy moving today or tomorrow.  

It's kinda creepy, but wonderful too.

You have until tomorrow to guess how many girls/boys Coco will have.

Today Bex and I are going out to browse the shops... we saw some cute nautical things advertised at Bed, Bath and Beyond in a mailer yesterday, so are checking them out.

I think today will be the last time I nip out and leave Coco alone. I'm probably being hyper-cautious, she will no doubt hold on till DAY 59 or longer... but I just can't risk it.

I really should be working on Christmas Presents in the 'Sewing Room', maybe I will do my best to get some work done this afternoon.

Dumm dee dooo... I've been saying that for days *smiles*

For some reason I'm just NOT FUSSED or even bothered about Christmas right now.  There's far too much going on BEFORE Christmas for me to worry about.  *sigh*... but... what will be will be.

No point worrying about something unless it happens I suppose.

So... I'm going out with Bex and Dante and will just enjoy the day.

I might even buy some linen and threads so I can make a start on this:

ABOVE:  That's the pattern I wanted in that magazine I finally got from England!  So pretty.  I'm probably MAD thinking of starting a new project!  And I've not done any stitchery in YEARS!  But... I want to give it a go, and it doesn't have to be finished by a set date eh?  It can take me months if I want.  (yeah, a bit like my Dresden Plate quilt...)   la la lah lah ...


Thank you Po.

BLONDIE:  yep, I really should work on UFO's, particularly my Dresden Plate Quilt.  Maybe I shall get the Xmas presents done then just focus on my quilt.
OR NOT!  lol

Well... I ended up going out on me own as Dante needed a sleep after being up since 5am!
So... I did a wander around the shops, visited my Aunt and Uncle up the road then came home, did a quick check around the neighbours home (I'm watching it for them while they are away in China) and did some gardening!
NOT our garden ... the neighbours!

ABOVE:  I can access the neighbours home through a gate in our boundary fence, so very handy.  Usually I just do a walk around, make sure everything is OK.  Today I noticed the garden was getting choked with a spreading weed, so I just hauled it all out.  At least the place looks 'occupied' with fresh weeding done.

I'm now going downstairs to get on with some sewing...

Oh am I having fun!  I'm sewing strips of fabric together and turning them into hearts for Mug Rugs!  I have a feeling more than one person will win my little Competition... so I'm making more!  If more than 2-3 win, you will have to make do with ONE Mug Rug!  

End of Day:  and I've had so much fun this afternoon/evening!  I've been sewing for HOURS... I forget how much I enjoy it. 
But... Stew came to bed ... which is part of the garage/sewing room etc... so I had to stop. 
Plenty of time to do more tomorrow.  
nite nite


  1. Ok, in response to your challenge, I'm going to say 4 boys and 4 girls. That's my final answer. My wife thinks that she'll have one less than last time.

    134 expahou

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I think 5 girls and 3 boys


  3. I'm thinking 6 girls 2 boys :) just hope they all arrive safe and sound. Your looking wonderful by the way so proud of you :)

  4. Now listen here you sewerriffic you GET your UFO done before you take on anything new!!! lol Do you know you should work at a craft sewing place you so would be perfect!!!! and to add stitchery/embroidery I am envious much!

  5. I too just weeded my Chinese neighbour's garden from exactly the same "choking" weed !! They are not away but the lady who lives there is in her 90s and her caregiver does not do the garden, nor do the relatives. It's me or no one and I hate seeing the weeds everywhere.

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Hi I think 5 boys 3 girls, hope all is well with you all cheers Lucinda

  7. 5 boys and 3 girls....

  8. How nice, you can come watch my plants too ;)


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