Tuesday, October 01, 2013


WELL... I got a call from the Orthodontist saying Brylee is due to be seen again.

It's interesting because she can't have anything done with her teeth for a few years yet, but we still get these appointments, which take all of 2 minutes.

I am sure it's just to keep us on the 'books', so that when she's ready for braces we will go there.
*sigh*... I'm not looking forward to that day... as braces cost upwards of $7,500.  That's the 'tentative' quote the Orthodontist gave me a while ago.

Oh well... I suppose we will go as I forgot the last one.  Putting it on here will help me remember too.

Sewing:  I would like to get at least the first Chook Placemat finished today.  

And I will get the kids onto a few household jobs like dusting and vacuming.  Griffin is already moaning about being bored!  *shaking me head*... the holidays have only just started!

Save me NOW.

Do you realise it's OCTOBER already???  Bloody hell, where has this year gone?

Tomorrow is Brylee's 13th Birthday.
THOSE years have gone by really fast too!
I don't need to dread her hitting the 'stroppy teenage years'... she's already there.

Save me NOW.  Or her, depending on my mood!

*smiles*   I might have to bake a cake.


Lastly for now, yet another cute video of Dante:

He's still very wobbly, so we have to watch him carefully so he doesn't hurt himself.  
But it's so neat to see him making such big strides in his physical development.


I wanted to update my 'Weigh In' on the sidebar, but blogger wouldn't let me do 'just words', so I added an image!  Too cute that chook eh?

Bex has taken Dante, Griffin and Brylee off to the park for a walk.  I stayed home.  I've got a few jobs to do.

I'm feeling a bit excited.  I WILL have a loss at my next weigh in (5th Oct.).  I don't think it will be 5 kilos, but it will be a loss.  
The family member who is following my example lost 1 kg in the last fortnight.  Not bad at all!  Now that person just has to keep it up.  I want that person's jeans!  lol

When I was out earlier on, I was supposed to stop in at Spotlight for a piece of PLAIN fabric.
I forgot.
So we all went out after lunch and visited Spotlight.  Only... I didn't just buy ONE length of fabric did I?

ABOVE:  I got 'a bit' more.  I have to wait for the red and pink fabrics to dry before I use them, so I'm off to start another Chooky placemat in the meantime.  I also think I will be making chook mug rugs too.  
They are such fun to make.

For the first time in years... I remembered the Orthodontist appointment... and got down there EARLY even.
To find at least half a dozen people waiting.  Seems they were running late.
So I re-scheduled Bry's appointment for next Monday.
No way am I wasting my time sitting in a pokey waiting room for over half an hour or more for a 1 minute appointment!  HELL NO!

End of Day:  I have to pick up our visitor from the airport at around MIDNIGHT tonight... so I am going to sew until I have to leave.
nite nite


  1. Good luck with the Orthodontist, when the time comes. Maybe she won't need braces?

    You look good in a cage, like a jailbird!

  2. At the beginning of the 3rd term holidays we have always tidied draws and wardrobes and tried on CLOTHES in readiness of SUMMER and xmas, that normally takes a couple of days but following on from that means underbed and room tidied and cleaned thoroughly windows etc. that's a good job done the kids could bake? could Griffin be ready for a pamphlet run? or paper run? 13 Wow Brylee that has come around far too fast, Samuels braces $6,000 if that first procedure hadn't worked lucky for me it did and that was $700 Dante is getting there clever boy... your Mum will see a big difference I'm sure.

  3. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Happy Birthday (in advance) Brylee!!! Hope she has an awesome day. With Cake!!!!!

  4. haha love the pic of you in the pen :)


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