Saturday, October 05, 2013


Right.  It's freakin' 1.30 in the morning and I'm finally going to bed!

I've been up chatting to our visitor for a few hours.
I had every intention of going to bed at about 11.30 pm ... but ... chatting kinda went on and on!

I'm heading off to bed now, and I am hoping to get a sleep in.

So... come back later... I'll be up maybe around 9am if I'm lucky.

Today we are expecting Kelly and Rena from Hamilton, Lacy and Keera from Flat Bush and much later on today a friend of Bex's from Invercargill too!  So... a busy household is expected.



Well... didn't get much of a sleep in ... up at just after 9... but would have liked another hour.

Nevermind... plenty to do today.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex bought Dante a new toy.  He loves it... of course!

ABOVE:  this is about half of what he had shoved (hidden) under his bed.  Little shit.
Today is sort his room out and all his clothes.

We are about 3/4's done .... then I have to get Brylee's room ready for Bex's friend.

WHY OH WHY did I think it would be a good idea to do a massive tidy up of bedrooms/cupboards today?
We had visitors ALL DAY... coming and going, noise and bustle non-stop.

Miss Muppet is here until Monday afternoon too.

End of Day:  I'm exhausted.  I did weigh in ... but I'll tell you how I did tomorrow.  At least I will have something to yak about!
nite nite


  1. I'm so old that if I stayed up to one thirty it would kill me.

    rsijusty 11706

  2. Holy cow! Sounds like you're going to have a houseful!!

  3. Dear Lord don't tell me that didn't come from under Griffins bed!!!!! visitors always nice in the holidays, sunny day here hope the weekend goes well with all the visitors coming and going....

  4. Love Griffin's "storage system". I had one rather similar when I was younger - drove Mum nuts.

  5. Brylee is thirteen now !! It still says 12 on your side .

  6. I just unearthed the floor under Trevor's bed too. I used to allow boxes under there but no more.


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