Saturday, October 26, 2013


Let's start at the beginning.

Coco went into labour at around 11 am yesterday morning (Friday).

She laboured all day with no let up at all until she finally started pushing her first puppy out into the world, and she, (RUBY), arrived at 10.45 pm.

She then went on to deliver :  Jet, Jasper, Flint (all boys), then Pearl and Jade.  She didn't finish delivery until 2.09 am this morning.

So, in all she was in labour and delivery for roughly 15 hours.

So were Bex and I.  Stew and Steve went to bed around 10pm, so missed out on seeing any of the pups delivered.

Brylee and Griffin stayed up for the first puppy's arrival, then went to bed too.

Some history:  Coco's very first puppy EVER was a boy we named Bruiser.  He was 218 grams and a breech puppy.

Last night Coco's first puppy born was 218 grams and a breech puppy too!  (only it was a girl we have named Ruby)

How amazing is that?

2nd interesting fact:  Her first litter consisted of 3 girls and 3 boys.  Her third litter is the same.

I am thrilled to bits with how well Coco did, and how well the delivery went on a whole.
No problems, even with two breech puppies last night!

There are ***TWO WINNERS*** in the 'How many Girls/Boys' guessing game!

MOM TAXI JULIE AND JUDITH.  Congrats girls.  Can you please email me at with your physical address so I can post you your MUG RUGS!

NOW... how about a few photos?  Yeah, I know ya all want to see our babies!  ....

ABOVE:  our little lineup.  How darling are they?
Once again, our litter is made up of black/white/tan puppies!
It's very early days yet to know how their coats will look later on, once they are all fluffy.

I will take face photos in a few days, but right now I'm not going to try as they are just too little.

***  I did take videos of Coco delivering some of her puppies, but reviewing them later, I think it's not appropriate to put any on the blog. They are rather graphic, and I really don't think Coco would like it if I showed everyone her privates! ***

It is now 6.02 am Saturday morning, I can hear the birds starting to sing!  And I've not even been to bed... YET!  
I fully intend going to bed once Stew is up, he can watch over the pups while I sleep.

It is Labour Day weekend here, so Monday is a holiday.  That is great cos it means Stew will be home to help watch over the pups for a few days.
I am trying not to be paranoid about a puppy dying again... but it is hard.  I am a worrier.

So, you can expect me to be posting at all sorts of weird and wonderful times of the day/night... cos I intend to have someone's eyes (mostly mine) on these puppies 24 hours a day, for at least the first week!


Stew got up around 7 am and took over watching the pups and Coco ... I went to bed, and got up around 12 noon.
It's a lovely early summers day, just gorgeous.
After the past few days crap weather it's nice to see and feel the warmth.

All the puppies look good, but Coco?  She looks as jaded as I feel.  She has gone out to the bathroom once this morning, so she seems to be ok leaving her babies for a minute or so.
Though, she did sprint back inside after her piddle!

I've just taken a video of Coco and her pups.  Will post it as soon as it's uploaded to YouTube.

ABOVE:  Day 1 video.

Well... I'm feeling rather groggy, over tired me thinks.
I want to keep a watch on the puppies overnight, so I shall be sleeping in the lounge with a timer to wake me up every hour, at least then I will have peace of mind in their first week of life.

Babies will be weighed every evening at 8pm, so we can see how well they are gaining weight, and make sure no one lagging behind.

If there is a puppy lagging behind I will step in and make sure he/she gets the 'best' nipple at each feed for a while.

I've done that before with the littlest puppy from each litter.  I will go to whatever lengths I have to so each puppy thrives.

End of Day:  well the 'Blog Police' informed me I'd forgotten my 'end of day' bit ... AGAIN.  Well... my freaking day didn't 'END' did it?  lol
nite nite


  1. Ooh so exciting, so glad mum & bulbs are well, welcome you our world little ones.

    Chris plz be careful and get rest too hon


  2. Congratulations to Coco and Chris. I'm thrilled it all went so well what a beautiful litter. I hope you manage a wee nap at some point.

  3. YEAH! Love winning stuff :) Little Ruby is the tank of th bunch!

  4. So exciting. i could not wait to jump on your blog to hear the good news.

  5. Beautiful!! Well done Coco! Love their names

  6. Anonymous10:41 AM

    So beautiful Well done Coco and Mac Love the pic of Flint with his paw over Jade

  7. Great job Coco! You must be exhausted and feel like you birthed them yourself :)

  8. Great news that Coco and Pups are doing well. Hope you had a good sleep... although I imagine you'll be in bed early tonight ;-)

  9. Thanks for the video ... loved it :). Well done Coco, what a darling little family.

  10. Chris, my life is pretty crap at present, so your puppies are just so wonderful. I know the blog readers and myself have enjoyed Coco's past two litters, I told my little Vince about the puppies (he has no idea who Coco, Mack and Teddy are) but when I feel down I look at the cute. I will be interested to see how the gorgeous Dante and Keera think of them. By the way, you look so fabulous.....have been missing in action due to having a bully of a boss and now retrenched (2 retrenchments in1 year due to money)....Take care and give Teddy an extra special cuddle for me. Martine xxx

  11. I'm sure I posted a post today can't remember what I said now cute puppies ruby is a wee pudding, glad it all went well something like that....

  12. Well done Coco, what beautiful puppies…and what a good mumma you are.

    Chris, you must be so tired, take care of yourself too.

  13. congratulations Cris and Coco. The puppies are so cut! thanks for sharing the video.


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