Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Coco is not far off... 

- she's losing her appetite.
- she's restless.
- her milk is coming in.
- her 'girly bits' are soft and plumped up.

ALL the signs that labour is about to start any day now.
So.... NO MORE TRIPS OUT FOR ME, and I shall be sleeping on the couch with her at night so I can keep an eye on her.

GETTING EXCITING...and feeling a little nervous too!  
It's a funny feeling... 'cos after all, she is a DOG.  But we love her, and want her to come through 'childbirth' well, with healthy puppies.

While we wait, I shall do lots of sewing.  
And I might even get some blog reading in too.
We will see how it goes. *smiles*

OH and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all the lovely Birthday Wishes yesterday.  You are all just so kind, it was neat reading all the comments.  ♥

Now... a few photos taken yesterday:

ABOVE:  our two lovely 'bonus kids'.  

ABOVE:  Dante sitting in the hallway, feeling chuffed with himself. He had crawled through the 'half door', then closed it, all on his own.  He's bathed in dappled sunlight coming through the net curtain.  

 ABOVE:  Keera and Uncle Steve.

Our visitor had a cough, so I had given her some Gees Linctus in the afternoon, and she wanted more before bedtime, so I grabbed the bottle and poured her a generous 10 mls... then I noticed the bottle!  YIKES!  

I had poured her 10 mls of Phenergan... which is a sedative!  Eeeek... I wanted her to stop coughing, not sleep for the next 12 hours!
Lucky I noticed my mistake before she took it.

Right, that's 'me' for now... I've got the usual morning jobs to get done before I sit down and relax for a while.  


I slept on the couch with the dogs last night.  I say 'slept'... but that is not really how it went.  It was more like doze... wake up... doze... wake up, not doing that again!  They can sleep on my bed tonight!

Our visitor got ill during the night too... very sick.  I don't know why, no one else was ill?  I'm thinking her body just can't handle cake, or maybe the cough syrup?  Poor thing, she looked like death warmed up at 5am this morning when she got up, she had been vomiting all night!

Stew took her out to the airport at 5.30, and I went back to bed with the dogs.

I have a feeling I will be having a granny nap after lunch today!  I'm knackered.

It's been an EXCELLENT morning.  I got 7 more mug rugs/placemats bound, and only have 4 left to go (in this latest round of sewing).
I'm motivated to get on with the rest of my Christmas List of things to make now.

I came up from the garage to find it's a glorious spring day, sunshine with a cool breeze.  Perfect for lying out in the sun for a little while I do believe.

After lying in the sun for a while I came in, had lunch, then lay down for a quick nap.  But as the dogs were with me, it wasn't much of a nap.

I ended up wanting to kill Teddy!  He barks and growls at the slightest noise!  And the bark collar does not zap him cos he knows just how loud he can get before he gets zapped. 
Grrrrrrr.  Little bugger.

End of Day:  and I got all the mug rugs and placemats finished tonight!  Really happy about that, now I can continue with me Chooky Placemats!
Coco may have all the signs of imminent delivery, but it ain't happening today.  *sigh*
Oh well... they will arrive when they are ready of course.
nite nite


  1. Fingers crossed that puppies arrive safe and sound. Great pictures. Hope the little one is feeling better soon.

  2. I'd like to see a post of everyones guesses on how many pups. What's the high? What's the low?

  3. I don't blame you for being a little nervous about Coco....she is such a wee little thing, but she has done it before and will do well this time. I can't wait to see pictures of the new puppies.

  4. Oh dear the anticipation of it is all too much you and Coco will be nervous wrecks!! I love the photo of Brylee and Griffin, Dante in the sunlight just beautiful, that's a keeper. Sleep well turn off all appliances phones etc and just rest. IT could be another long night.

  5. Coco is so lucky having such a caring and dedicated human mum as her "midwife" :) I hope you manage to get a better night's sleep tonight. Your poor visitor - maybe she should have delayed the trip home. I don't think I'd be flying if I was feeling that bad and had been vomiting all night. I hope she makes it home safely.

  6. Oh yayyyyy.... any minute now!! :)

  7. Penny8:12 PM

    Love the photos of the kids (B&G, Steve and Keera in particular). Happy Birthday Chris, sorry for being a little late with the message! Must get around to writing a blog entry... I need to make it a more regular event.

    Much love, Penny xo

  8. LOL on Teddy! Naughty little boy!


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