Saturday, October 12, 2013


So... the spring stormy weather continues.
*sigh*... which means the last two days of the school holidays will be spent inside, trying not to drive each other nuts.

On a whole the kids have been good, just BORED silly the last few days.

Today Steve is working at his 'old' workplace, and Bex is taking Dante down to Hamilton to see friends.

I have every intention of getting some housework done then sewing as much as I can.
It's called stress relief.

Not that I'm too stressed today.  Quite a bit of what was bothering me over the past few days has settled down.
'Round Table' discussions last night between us 'grown ups' in the house worked a treat.

Coco... ballooning would pretty much sum up how she is!  I can't wait until next Friday when she has her x-ray!

***DON'T FORGET!!!  YOU have until Thursday the 17th to put your guess in for how many girls and how many boys she will have. ***

And you guys who live on the other side of the world... you have until next Wednesday... cos you are a day behind us.  Ya Tardy buggers.  ha ha!

Right, off to do some of that housework...


Stew has been helping with the housework... love it!
I've been trying on knickers that didn't fit me for a few years... and I've now got ANOTHER 3 that fit me butt!  So happy.

We have decided to go to the movies this afternoon, watching White House Down.  Steve reckons it's a good movie.  We. Will. See.

While we are out, Bex and Steve can have some 'just the three of them' time.
I'm sure they will enjoy that.

ABOVE: just home from seeing this movie.  All I can say is  EPIC MOVIE.  Loved it.  And I don't even like shoot 'em up, bang bangs!
Totally recommend it to anyone.

Time to chill for a while before sorting out some washing...

End of Day:  well a lovely day in all... and now I'm off to bed early for a change.  
nite nite


  1. 4 girls 3 boys. Have a lovely weekend

  2. We finally got rid of our stormy weather, for a while...

    ivedhi 205

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I reckon four and four.... six boys and two girls... I have no clue. Good on ya with the fitting of clothes. I've just done the same and it's quite a nice feeling to know some of the dresses i bought last summer will get an outing. Have fun at the movies... I have to endure Smurfs 2 tomorrow... Internet has been intermittent so haven't been able to email or comment from my phone. Will catch up soon!


  4. It is good (if i can afford it) news! :) YEAH on pants that fit! I need to blog about my dumb ass buy. LOL Umm 4 boys and 2 girls? LOL

  5. I reckon knickers that don't fit is mainly because of where they are made I have currently in my drawer of draws sizes 18-24 and all fit!!!! now go figure that ( did I jus publicly admit how fat me arse is OH well too bad!) lol Wild wet n windy down here too.

  6. Yes my husband does do a good job as a actor :) :) lol

  7. haha!! looks like a terrible movie to me ... but I am one for the likes of the Diana movie ... such a bad movie girl I know!

  8. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Gee...channing tatum. Nice...kate444

  9. I loved White House Down esp because Channing Tatum's in it. Didn't you just cry when the kid waved the flag?

  10. I'm guessing Coco will have 7 puppies .... 3 girls and 4 boys :)


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