Sunday, October 20, 2013


Good morning ! ... I took 'some' photos yesterday of the littlies:

ABOVE:  Dante.  Looking so adorable.

ABOVE:  Miss Rena.... she's had another haircut.  A 'pixie cut'... suits her.  

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet (Keera)... toddling around after her bath, all ready for bed. 

Grandpuppy:  Jaxx in Rotorua kindly sent me some updated photos of Chico ... she was one of the little girls from Coco's very first litter. 

ABOVE:  I'm told she is still a little ratbag!  She was our spunky little girl two years ago... look how she has grown!  She's just had her 'summer' haircut, so nice and short like her Mum Coco and Uncle Teddy.

TODAY:  I'm going to a garden center to get some plants... lettuce, herbs and so on.  I will leave Coco with Steve and Bex.  We won't be out for long and I feel confident leaving her with Steve.  
Once home I will 'supervise' Stew while he gets the plants into pots for me.
Not a lot else happening that I know of.


SHORTS!  It might just be a day for shorts... so I've got them on and now we are off to the garden center... well... as soon as Stew finishes his cuppa tea, *sigh*.

Well... we have been busy.
We got potting mix and new plants, mostly lettuces and herbs and a few pretty flowers too.

Next weekend we shall be getting tomato plants too.  Stew just has to make that 'new tomato area' a boxed in garden first.

It's just so nice to feel like Summer is almost here.  

Looking forward to tonight.  Steve is cooking.  He made savoury crepes for breakfast, but I didn't have any.  But I did taste his, and said it would be a lovely dinner too.
So now we are having savoury crepes and salad for dinner.
Our visitor shall be back for dinner ... I'm sure dinner will go down well with her too.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Chico is beautiful so nice to see her again

  2. Dante,Keera so cute Rena is growing into a beautiful young girl. Could be shorts weather if we hadn't had a blardy dew frost!! it is however sunny but by no means tropical!

  3. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Loving your gardening. Steve needs to put up his savoury crepe recipe. I love crepes. The photos of the kids are so cute, all of them are beautiful children. Kym/Australia

  4. I love your pics! And all Coco's puppies grow out so nicely.

  5. The garden looks lovely! I love seeing the pups grown up :)

  6. The yard is looking lovely. Enjoy the warm weather.


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