Thursday, June 01, 2023


 I wonder if I'll get a message this morning, asking me to look after sick boys again?

Hmmm.... time will tell of course.

Until then, I shall snuggle down in my lovely warm bed and read the news, check out emails/ Instagram/Facebook and YouTube.

Something I do every morning before my feet hit the floor in fact.

Strange how life changes.  25 years ago I would have never done anything like that.  Thanks to the internet, life changed dramatically for everyone.  Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.

But, change happens.  Ya gotta roll with it.

Today I'm heading to Spotlight to buy some of these:

ABOVE:  Thank you Gail for suggesting these yesterday.  I am sure they will be perfect for pulling the needle through the fabric/knitted tops.  And save my fingers.

I also need more needles and some blue fabric for the back of the fish cushions.  Hopefully that's all I 'need' to get.  I feel like I live in Spotlight sometimes.

After Spotlight, I'm off to the supermarket for just a couple of things.  Basil Pesto is top of the list.  That shit makes our wraps and sandwiches so TASTY.  Without huge calorific content.  Gotta love that.  Usually I'd slather a wrap or sandwich with Mayo, made with Unsweetened Condensed Milk and vinegar.  Super sweet, not good for us.

The hot drinks I've been having are HIGH as f*#k in points!  One I have had was worth 4 points!  So I have to get the ones that are worth only 1-2 points.  I will do that while at the supermarket too... scan them all and only buy the low point ones.  

Right, I'm off to snuggle down with me phone.

Catch ya later.

SORRY!   I would have updated sooner, but my laptop died.  It revived itself about an hour later.  No idea why it just went black on me.

1.22 pm:   Long morning.
But a good one.
I got some cute little pliers from Spotlight.  Not the ones I wanted as they didn't have any, but a cute pair anyway.
I went to K Mart and got a couple of really cheap sweatshirts.  I'm going to doctor them.  More on that another day.
Then off to the supermarket, where I got what I wanted.

Then home to do this:

ABOVE:  I sorted out all my hot drink sachets.
The ones above are what I will probably stick with.

ABOVE:  And these ones will be 'once in a blue moon' or for visitors.

I just had my lunch, another yummy wrap.  I wonder when I'll get sick of them? 

5.17 pm:  It's been a quiet afternoon.  I've felt cold all day, so I just watched some YouTube tutorials (sewing) and so on.

Stew arrived home and promptly left for the pub.
If it's not raining, he will walk home, otherwise I'll pick him up.

I have started watching Jared from Subway.  So far ... slow, boring, predictable.  The next episode is this Saturday night.  Not sure I will even bother watching it.   

10.36 pm:  I've just finished watching Coronation Street.  And it's probably time for bed.
I've got the boys tomorrow so no lie in for me.
But that's OK, cos the weekend looms, and I can lie in bed all I like then.




  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    The points on the drinks are shocking, I agree. What’s in them that makes them so high on points? I assumed they were all artificial sweeteners - ?

    1. Most of the very low pointed ones use artificial sweeteners. The higher point ones do not. All have added milk products so that is part of the reason they are high in points I think. I am going to stick to the 1 and 2 point ones from now on.

  2. Couldn't get my comments to work... forgot what I was going to say 🤣🤣. Have a super day

  3. Is it possible to get sick of wraps? That's like getting sick of sandwiches. There are sooo many options.


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