Thursday, June 29, 2023



I really having nothing much to yabber on about today.

I was supposed to have a Dr's appointment today, to get my prescription renewed.  But I got a text message yesterday saying the Dr would not be able to see me today and to ring and reschedule my appointment!  Like hell I will.

That means I will have to wait another two weeks.  NOPE.

I'm gunna go to the Clinic in town and see Leo.  He can renew my prescription instead.

I tell ya, Tui Health suck sometimes.  Well... almost all the time to be honest.  Grrrrr.

While out, I will pop into the supermarket for some of these:

ABOVE:  I'm not one to rave about any vege, but these Cauliflower Bites are DELICIOUS.  I have been craving them since the first time I bought some a few weeks ago.

I'm also going to be looking for 'Chicken Bacon' as a lower calorific version of 'bacon'.  Someone at WW reminded me about it a couple of weeks ago.  

I'm bound to get more than just those two things at the supermarket... who ever went in for just one or two things, and didn't come out with half a trolley full!

So, that's me for now.  When I get home again, I will most likely get in the sewing room and do a big clean up again.  Then start on a couple of Christmas Braid Runners, no time like the present to get ahead.

6th night in a row I got very, very little sleep.  Last night was the worst though, I didn't get to sleep until after 4.30 am.
No idea why.  Don't tell me why it could be, I'm NOT in the mood.

Went to the Drs to reschedule my cancelled appointment.  I have to wait ANOTHER 2-3 weeks, so I said no.

And took myself off to the drop in medical centre in town.  
The doors were locked.

They are taking no more patients until this afternoon.

So I went to the supermarket then came home.

DEFEATED.  2 hours wasted.

So, so annoyed.

I don't want to have to drive into town again today.  I will try again on Monday.

ABOVE:  I forgot we have a 'hot' oven.  Set it for 200 degrees and once it's at temperature, you think OK, all good.
But no.
It's probably more like 230 degrees, so ya have to be very careful to not leave the food in the oven as long as you expect.

I forgot. 
Me bacon is toast.
Rubbery, inedible bacon flavoured toast.
I couldn't even give it to the dogs, cos we don't give them that sort of stuff.  In fact, they don't get any treats.

Unless Steve comes over.
Then they get some cheese or a little meat off his plate.

The cauliflower bites were saved, thank goodness.  I actually got some food for lunch.

I have tried making my own Cauliflower Bites, but they just were nowhere near as nice at those store bought ones.  
If anyone has a tried and true recipe, gimme!

Unlike yesterday, when I was going to have a 'do nothing day', I actually am today.
I'm cold.
I'm crabby.
And just over it.
Might take a bloody nap.

Stew just got home from work (early), as he's not feeling well.  He's had a head cold all week.

Anyway, he got a call from the CEO of his company today, and when he answered it, up popped 30 odd people on his screen (ZOOM call).

He was very surprised, not sure why they were all on a Zoom Call to him.

Today marks 25 years he's been with the company!

Sneaky man didn't say a word about it to me.
So, all the senior management team wanted to wish him congratulations.  How lovely was that?

He would normally be off to the pub now to catch up with his mates, but he's staying home.  He's tired too.
We both are for various reasons.

He caught me in the sewing room when he got home.  I was just sorting out fabrics for the next Braid Runner.  I'm not sewing anything today.

Time to sign off for the day, it's bloody cold and miserable.  We will be sitting here watching TV and keeping warm.


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I had buffalo wing flavored cauliflower bites at a restaurant recently and they were scrumptious. I'll have to look for some at the grocery. Ky Girl

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I roast a lot of veggies - asparagus, carrots, red potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, red peppers, Brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, etc

    I usually just do one type per meal

    425 F
    Usually 15-20 minutes

    I wash and cut raw veggies
    Coat with a scant 1T olive oil (which allows spices to stick) and spices

    I put the pan on the lowest rack in the oven, away from heat

    I roast (canned) garbanzo beans the same way


  3. I have had Turkey Bacon, but never chicken bacon. Weird. I wonder why ..... I might have to figure out how to make that cauliflower from scratch.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      I was wondering about that too. For a thinner breaded version, I think maybe coat with beat/eggs, dip in mixture of spices and bread crumbs.


  4. So annoying with the dr stuff! I used to make turkey bacon but then decided I'd rather just have one piece of regular bacon than 2 pieces of the fake stuff lol.

  5. Anonymous3:01 PM

    How can a doctor just cancel an appointment and then you can’t get in for 2-3 weeks. Not very good. Feel for people with chronic conditions or worse. Marie, Melbourne

  6. That totally sucks about the doctor! If my doctor isn't available I can see any one of the others almost immediately. I order prescriptions on the online portal. Is there any other doctor/clinic you could change to?

  7. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Congratulations, Stew. Great milestone! xx Colleen

  8. Insomnia sucks. I'm a terrible sleeper, but I've found that a tablet called Restavit is quite helpful. I don’t take it often, and sometimes only take a half, but it works for me. It’s an over the counter medication ( but you have to ask for it) I get it from Chemist Warehouse in Australia 😊

  9. Congratulations Stew 25 years is a great milestone nice to be recognized from work. Feel better soon maybe the cold weather at last market caught up with you.

  10. Both of you keep warm! Well done Stew and feel better quick

  11. I would love a full nights sleep, bloody menopause!!

    Congratulations to Stew for 25 years.

  12. Anonymous12:21 AM

    My suggestion is to schedule doctors appointments closer together, much more often, so you are seen more regularly and your medication refills are correct and easier. This may help straighten out a lot of your medical difficulties that are really impacting the quality of your life and I think your happiness.

    If you are currently scheduled once every six months or once a quarter, move to once a month. Use the same doctor (and pharmacy) so you have consistency. If you are normally seen once a month, the occasional cancellation will not be so negative for you.

    You are diabetic and trying to lose weight. You have what you associate as female hot flashes that may be something else entirely. You have severe headaches and consistent problems sleeping. You hurt. When you get a respiratory bug, it hits you very hard.

    Surely that all qualifies you to be seen more regularly. I think this will make a big difference.



  13. Congratulations to Stew on 25 th anniversary. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

  14. Congratulations on 25 years! Woo Hoo!


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