Saturday, June 10, 2023


 Late yesterday I did a little bit more work on the Flower Runner:

ABOVE:  I think these circles might be a little too big... so will cut them down a bit before stitching them on.
Then I will work on flowers.

ABOVE:  Driving off the Expressway into Cambridge yesterday, I looked for the rabbits.  I saw a large cat sprawled out in the sun... so I really didn't expect to see any rabbits.  But, I did.  Two of them.  I only got one in a photo while I was waiting for the lights to change.   The 2nd one was much darker in colour.  He took off into the brush.  I hope that cat isn't eating baby rabbits!

ABOVE:  Yesterday's walk photo.  You are not 'allowed' to post walk photos anymore, but hell.  I bleeped out everyone's face, so this should be ok!   If not, well shoot me.

Apart from working on the Flower Runner, I'm not sure what else we might get up to today.  It's supposed to be another lovely winter day, so let's just wait and see shall we.

Almost 12 and I've been working in the sewing room for a couple of hours.

DOGSTARS:  Yes, you may be on to something there.  Though I will be adding some flowers to the centre.

ABOVE: THIS is a nightmare!

There is no way I'm going to completely cover this in flowers.  It's just TOO MUCH work, and as Dogstar said, it doesn't need it.  So I'm taking half those freaking stems and flowers OFF.

Looking out the window at our stunningly gorgeous day, I decided Stew and I should really go out.

So we jumped in the car, grabbed a Subway sandwich and had a little picnic down by the lake.

ABOVE:  It was GLORIOUS.  I took some extra cheeses and bacon to add to our Subway Sandwiches.

Interesting story:  Last time we bought a Subway Sandwich, we got extra cheeses and extra meat.  And our Sandwiches cost approx. $25 EACH.

Today we took the extra cheeses and cooked bacon with us, to add ourselves, and our Sandwiches cost $13.90 each.

AMAZING difference in price.

ABOVE:  King of the Castle, a Pukeko in a ? Tree.

After our lunch we visited Bunnings for a something for the garden, will show you tomorrow.

Now?  Relaxing.  Might go back in the sewing room.  Might not too.

ABOVE:  Miracles DO happen.  4 children found alive after enduring weeks in the jungle, after surviving a plane crash in Colombia. JUST AMAZING. 

8 pm:  I worked in the sewing room until dinner time, then came inside.  It has cooled down considerably, and I'm freezing.
We are expecting a frost tomorrow.  Ikkkk.
Just doing the usual now, watching TV.  Keeping warm.
Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I am an avid gardener. I live on a block with several other gardeners. We would be super happy to have a cat back on patrol here. We had one years ago, and a fox too. Now too many rabbits!

  2. Oh boy. I hope you don't get in trouble for posting walk pics. My goodness. So many rules in this world! I went to a concert last night and we couldn't bring in a purse. It had to be postcard size or smaller. So we had to go back to the car and transfer vital items to bras and pockets!

    1. I think I'm safe. I just saw one of the FBG Administrators post a 'walk photo', with faces bleeped out. If she can do that, so can I.

  3. Why can't you post photos? As Dogstars said, too many rules!

    1. Admin make up their own rules. Nothing I can do about it. They RULE.

  4. I meant to say you could some bling to the flowers for a 3D effect.

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Love the runner 💕💕. Very partial to a subway sandwich myself. I couldn’t eat a foot long one so my husband and I share one, heaps for both of us and bonus is the cost, although that isn’t the reason we share one, we are just not big eaters. Looks like a lovely day.

  6. Wow! I have not heard of these survivor kids!
    That's a lot more inspirational than our news day which involved about 30 federal crimes our previous president "may have" committed.

  7. Rhonda6:27 PM

    Sorry Chris, my post came up as anonymous (the one just above Dogstars).

  8. Anonymous9:29 PM

    It is so wonderful that those children were found. The 2nd photo you posted is exquisite, it is like a watercolour painting by the artist Turner. Maggie Melbourne Aus.


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