Monday, June 19, 2023


I did all my 'usual' Monday morning jobs yesterday, so they are all done. I can move on to something else instead.

First up, I am going to head down to the post office to post off a little parcel to the girls in Palmerston North.

Then when I get home I'm heading into the sewing room to make a start on a few Christmas Runners.

At some point I will be making a few more Reindeer Runners.  But not yet.  I have the pattern for that runner I showed you the other day...

ABOVE: It is gorgeous!  But I really struggle to follow patterns sometimes, so I'm going to have a go at it, using Christmas fabrics.  NOT Kaffe Fassett fabrics, like in the picture above.

If I bugger it up, I don't want to have wasted the expensive Kaffe Fassett fabrics, that's for sure.

So, hopefully I don't muck it up!  

11.30 am:  I've been to the post office, done a few little jobs around the house and am now in the sewing room.

ABOVE:  This is NERVE WRACKING!   This is why I don't usually do 'patterns' with set margins, matching shit up ... it does my head in.
I THINK I'm doing it right, but won't really know for a while yet.

2.20 pm:  And I'm making good progress!  It's looking like I have done it right.  All I can say is thank goodness there were some photos with the pattern, otherwise I would never have got it right.
I'm already knackered, there's so much getting up and down to press seams as ya go.  

I hope everyone is having a busy, productive / or decadent, lazy day.  Either way... I've not heard from you!  😂😅😉

4 pm and it's done.   The colours I chose are not 'me'... but they will suit someone I'm sure.
I'm just thankful I got it done without too many headaches.   The binding is very narrow compared to what I usually do, so I found that damn hard.

ABOVE:  The next one I do will have wider bindings, that's the very outer edge of black for you non-quilters.  😊
And that's a wrap on sewing for today.  I am over it.  That was challenging to someone who finds following a pattern difficult.

I spent an hour or so in the sewing room this evening, getting fabrics cut out for tomorrow.
So... I am going to make a Kaffe Fassett Runner tomorrow.  I'm quite excited about it too.

Now... time to just chill out.
Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. I am sure you'll do fine. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Once you know the cutting sizes, it looks like a log cabin variation.

    SMART to use expendable fabric for your first go.

    It might lend itself to rainbow color arrangement/order too.


  3. I'm sure it will look amazing when its finished ... you pay such great notice to detail with your beautiful creations. Quiet day here ... having an annual leave day but been chatting for some time to my husband who flew to Finland to visit his family at the weekend.

  4. Anonymous3:38 PM

    It’s too bloody cold to do anything here. Expected night of 11, currently 9. Next three days we are expecting 12. Thank goodness I have a heated jacket to wear to work this afternoon

  5. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Love the Christmas runner

  6. Good job on the runner. You are clearly a free spirited designer, I would have to slavishly follow a pattern to get anything half decent (also completely talent free in the crafty stakes).

    Have been to the gym this morning then attached to my desk working. Actually feel I achieved something today. About to head off to yoga tonight.

  7. The runner looks great - I do like the narrow edging (even though it was more difficult). Looking forward to the next one you make.

    1. Anonymous12:07 AM

      Me too, the narrower binding looks really good. Maybe YouTube has an easier way of doing it.


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