Wednesday, June 07, 2023



ABOVE:  I saw this beautiful quilt on Facebook recently.

The felt pieces are hand stitched.  It's stunning!

I am wondering if I could do something very similar, in fabrics and felt, but machine stitched.

It is worth a try, doing just a small runner as a test.

I really love trying a new design.  Might start it after I finish the fish cushions and a couple of little cross over shoulder bags.

I JUST HAD TO POST THAT.... it's just too funny.

First up for today, I'm off to Spotlight for some big buttons for the cushions.

ABOVE:  And they are finally finished.  I'm really happy with how they came out, even the buttons on the back look funky.  So much more characterful than a boring zip.

It's now 11.35 and I'm hungry.  Time to get something for an early lunch.  No doubt a wrap of some sort.

6.45 pm:  Yes Marlene, I have been busy!
Sorry for the lack of updates.
I have been mucking around in the sewing room, did some housework, spent time with the girls, and did some knitting.

It has been very cold in the house, so I relented and turned the heater on at 5.30, just to warm the house up a bit for the evening.

I'm like a reptile in winter, I slow down till I'm warm!  We did have a lovely sunshiny day, but it was still cold.

I'm actually going to stop crafting for the evening now.  I'm tired.  I will just sit and watch the telly, feet up etc etc.

Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. I truly thought you had made that flower thing. It looks like you. Especially with the border. Give it a try. A table runner, mug rug, placemat, t-shirt - something small for beginning. Even an eyeglass case with one flower!

  2. Kiwionholidays3:43 PM

    That quilt is absolutely stunning, hope you can do similar it’s so cheerful looking for all seasons,

    Cushions have come up a treat as well
    Your rellie will be stoked with them

    Enjoy your lovely part of the Mighty Waikato 🥝👍💯

    Cheers 🥂

  3. Very cute cushions. I say have a go at the quilt- you can do it. You must have had a busy afternoon 😊

  4. Yes, have a go at that quilt...I'm sure you could fo it your way...

  5. Anonymous9:29 PM

    If you are making them for your booth, understand making the quilt by machine and probably fussy cutting prints to get the look. Sounds like fun.

    But I wondered if you might possibly be interested in making just one for yourself by hand, incorporating embroidery and bead work. I could see this being evening work for you. Working on one piece for many nights as a slow, very artistic, project.


  6. That quilt is stunning. You are definitely clever and talented enough to make your own version


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