Monday, June 05, 2023


 Monday... and it's a holiday.

'Kings Birthday', but he's not MY KING, so I'm sticking with Queens Birthday, thank you.

We don't have any plans.  The weather is iffy at the best, so probably just a repeat of yesterday.

Pottering around the house, doing odd jobs and sewing.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex gave me another Key Ring last night.  Seems I might be collecting them now?  😂😅😉

I can certainly relate to this one!

ABOVE:  A couple of sweet photos of Dante with Marley.  And Coco being standoffish in the background.

Just sayin'.  NOT favouring anyone....

But we only seem to see Steve and Bex consistently.  Amanda, Lacy, Brylee and Keera now and then.

You'd never know we had LOTS of kids and grandkids eh?

*Mike and Joyce* being the exception, as they live 5 hours away and do come up as often as they can.

It nags at me sometimes, because I know there is some very unhealthy sibling jealousy amongst our kids.

But guess what?

We are NO DIFFERENT to MILLIONS of other families.  

MY GOD... just look at the Royal Family!  Charles/Andrew/William/Harry... yep that's a really loving family dynamic right there!

I don't feel so bad after all.

That was just 'airing the tea'.

Is there even such a saying?  Never mind, I just made it up then.

11.42 pm:  I'm freezing in my sewing room.  I think I'll have to relent being a power saver, and turn me heat pump on.

Hmmmm... my little rant kinda put the cat amongst the pigeons!
It wasn't supposed to make 'people' defend themselves.
I was addressing more how it makes me feel ... particularly when I get shitty comments from 'ANONYMOUS' people, saying we only care about Steve and Bex.  How we 'only' spend time with them, bla bla bla.

Gosh I'm already over it!

I've done some sewing, but might take a break for now.  My hands are so cold I'm making stupid mistakes.

We got visitors just after lunchtime...

ABOVE:  Like Dante, Liam is very hard to take a decent photo of!  Little shit kept pulling faces.  😂😉

ABOVE:  At least the girls are not so hard to get a decent photo of.

ABOVE:  Nice, normal rambunctious kids.  Loud.

TWO... HOURS... LATER, and all is quiet again.
It was lovely to see them. 

I turned the heat pump on in the family room, it's SOOOOOooooo nice in here now.  I'm not tempted to go back to the sewing room, even though I should.
Luckily, my cousin is in no rush for her fish cushions. Cos CLEARLY, I'm not rushing them!  lol

The diet went out the window this evening.
That is all I will say about that.  Just lost the plot.

Time to sign off.  Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Hugs. I was the oldest of four but due their behaviour I have occasional contact with one. Not my decision but I have come to terms with it. More hugs

  2. Yep it's the same with a lot of families... especially larger. We see 3 out of 5. Meh... all different personalities. Can't expect everyone to be the same. Its unfortunate but not unreasonable. You try to bring it all together but you can't be the one that holds the olive branch all the time. Oooh that's sounding deep but yeah... it's got to be both ways and sometimes it's just not worth the effort

  3. I am an only child, as is my son. So - I don't know much about sibling rivalry at all. My Hubby and his brother seem to get along well. They always joke about who got the bigger cash gift at Christmas. HINT: They are equal!

  4. Kiwionholidays11:32 PM

    Lovely photos n catch-ups with more memories made for you guys there,
    Super cute of the grandies as well as Amanda

    It’s nearly Tuesday where you are ,so you’re probably in Noddy land 💯🥝
    Take care

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Nope... not yet! Just had a shower and heading off to bed now. Nite nite Chick.

  5. Anonymous6:13 AM

    I am in the same category. I mean to visit my mom regularly, I get busy, time slips away easily.

    We now try to visit on Sunday afternoons. My husband takes her garbage bin to the street, we visit for a short time.

    The garbage bin is key - it helps me remember and visit weekly.


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