Thursday, June 15, 2023


Quite a few hours went into this Flower Runner:

ABOVE:  It was worth it.  It's very pretty.

I am not keeping it.  I have plenty of pretty runners myself, and it would not be worth keeping it as a display in my stall, as it takes up too much room.   Room better spent with things for sale, which is the object of the exercise after all.  😉😊

I do plan on making a few more like this, only smaller!  This one is huge.  It has left me with very sore upper arms and shoulders, from all the twisting and turning involved in stitching such a large runner. 

I must measure it before I put it on my stall too.  Will do that today.

So as I said last night, I'm not sewing today.  I don't know what I shall do though.  There's some housework to be done I suppose.  (ikk)

I could go for another walk, but that might be pushing it!  Maybe a shorter walk around the mall?

MEH  ... we will see.

Already thought of something.  Around Midday I shall go out to Tamahere to a fabric shop out there.  I want to get a few more Kaffe Fassett fabrics for the next Flower Runner(s).

I can't go out too early, as Fieldays is on and the traffic will be diabolical out that way.  Don't ask me what Fieldays is, GOOGLE it.

12.15 pm:  The girls and I have been out for about 3 hours.  Doing a couple of fabric shops!

I found out that Sewing Machine World had moved from 5 Cross Roads, to Frankton.  Off we went.  I only found one piece of fabric there that was suitable for my flower runners.
Then off we went to Bower Bird in Tamahere.
It took FOREVER to get there, cos I was just a bit too early for the Fieldays traffic to have cleared.

It took me an hour to travel about 4 kms!!!!

The girls didn't mind cos they just curled up on the back seat and slept.

ABOVE:  Today's fabrics.  I was after more blues, so was happy to find a few.

ABOVE:  This little cutie got bought cos well... it's bloody cute!

ABOVE:  I'm  wearing my big, heavy Ugg Boots today, cos seriously, it's COLD.

I shall have some lunch shortly, then go into the sewing room and just do a tidy up of fabrics.  When you are using so many, they tend to get a bit muddled up eventually.

ABOVE:  I've had an EXCELLENT afternoon, sorting out all my fabrics into some sort of order again.  That's all my 'floral' fabrics.  (I think!)
There's probably more tucked away in the cupboard somewhere.
In the cupboard are piles of fabrics arranged in predominant colours.

ABOVE:  Kinda 'most' of the fabrics I use.  There's some more in the garage and out of sight to the right.  I couldn't function in here without it being super organised like this.
I would have a brain fart for sure if it was a mess.

Stew got home half an hour ago, and has gone to the pub.  If it's not raining later, he will walk home again.

I'm going to stay in here and potter around some more, seeing as he's not here.

9.26 pm:  Well Stew got home from the pub every so slightly pickled.  He then proceeded to have something to eat, then sat and yakked and watched the telly with me.
I expect him to bugger off to bed soon.
It's going to be another cold night... then tomorrow.  RAIN.  F*ck it.



  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

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    Venue: Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand

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  2. It is gorgeous love it love it whatever price you put in it won’t be enough add another $50-$75 at least….

  3. Question: Would it have been easier (or possible) to do the entire middle section first and then do the fancy border/edging? There would be less fabric to handle and I would have thought that was how it would be done. I know from my embroidery days that I always did the embroidery before edging but not sure how quilting works.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      No, in my opinion. She needed to sandwich it and quilt it so there was enough substance/thickness to handle all of that appliqué.

    2. Thanks - I’m no quilter so that makes sense :)

    3. It could have been done that way Lynda

    4. Anonymous6:26 PM

      I probably would have done it the way you suggested too Lynda but Chris and I work differently

    5. Anonymous9:05 PM

      My heavily hand appliquéd (big) wall hanging quilts were done the same way Chris did hers.

      The background was made, the quilt was sandwiched and quilted. Mine were even bound. Then layers and layers of appliqué (plus buttons and beading) hand sewn to the quilt.

      A regular appliquéd quilt going on a bed, I would appliqué first so the appliqué is caught/held down by the quilting. Bed quilts get washed.

      The difference between the two methods is the thickness of the embellishments, in my opinion.


    6. Most of my runners are bound too.

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    The new flower runner has turned out very nice. I bet it sells quickly. Good luck with it all. Ky Girl

  5. Lovely runner.....
    I was wondering who the girls were... Doggies!

  6. Your runner looks stunning! I love the new giraffe fabric ... very cute!

  7. Ughhh rain !!! That's just about all its done since we've been back from holidays 😔 And the cold...brrrrrrr


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