Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 That Kaffe Fassett Runner I made yesterday is so gorgeous, I am going to make another on today.

Might end up with quite a few of them in fact.  I just love the pattern, and the variations you can get by using different fabrics.

As I said to Stew last night, I'd love to keep that first Kaffe Fassett one, but we just don't need yet another runner in the house.

I think I am going to have some fun making them using different fabrics.   It will be interesting to see how well they sell at markets... once markets pick up again after winter.

I have two flourescent tube lights in my sewing room.  One of them stopped working a few days ago, so today I'm heading down to Bunnings to get a new 'bulb' for it.

You don't realise how much you need the light, till ya don't have it going.  I took a standard lamp into the sewing room yesterday so I could see better.

Next I'm going to the supermarket for a few bits 'n' bobs.  Cleaners, wraps, fresh salad shit stuff.

Then I'll come home and sew.  I'm really excited about these 'Braid Runners'... yeah.  That's what the pattern is called.  Who knew?

Catch ya later.

11.55 am:
I just got home from my little shopping trip.
I found the new light bulb at Bunnings, easy peasy, and OMG it was so cheap compared to some of the others that looked exactly the same.  $5 as opposed to $40 - 50!

Then off to the supermarket, where I was gob smacked at the price of veges AGAIN.  Everything seems to have skyrocketed in price.  A simple lettuce $7.50.  Tomatoes were $17 a kilo.  They stayed in the shop at that price.  Just can't get my head around the prices.

Home, unpacked, then put a lamb chop, onion and potato in the oven for my 'Dunch'.  That's Dinner/Lunch combined.  I only recently heard that word being used and rather liked it.

Now I'm going to sort out the next Braid Runner's fabrics.

***  And that brings me to LYNDA'S comment.  Should I make mono-toned runners? ***

How about YOU tell me what you think about me making MONO-TONED Runners.

I know what I thought immediately upon reading that suggestion.  😊😉  What do you think I thought?

Wellllllll.... while a few of you are all for me making mono-toned runners... I'm like:
IT WOULD BE A COLD DAY IN HELL before I made anything that wasn't COLOURFUL!
My peeps would think I'd gone nuts.
So yeah NAH.  Not gunna happen.

I have plenty of fabrics to make slightly less COLOURFUL/PATTERNED Braid Runners.  But never dull and boring.  That Christmas one was almost dull and boring to me!

I've just spent some time re-writing the cutting out instructions for that pattern, in a way I understand.  As I've said before, I really struggle with patterns and how they are written, so I can understand them.
It took me ages to work this one out.
I have even taken photos of the cut out pieces, to better understand the instructions.
Does that make me a bit dim?  Dunno.  But whatever works for you eh?

6.43 pm:  I sewed a bit this afternoon, but did not finish the next runner, not by any means in fact.
I kept making silly mistakes, so decided to stop as obviously my mind was going to mush.
Stew arrived home and is enjoying his dinner.
He's got what I had for my LINNER... I really like that word too Julie H!
I think I will adopt it instead of Dunch.

So, it's another chilly winter evening here, it was going dark at 4.30 this afternoon.  Brrrrr, dismal.

For once in my life I am looking forward to summer.  I really hate being too hot, but shit it's cold.  

We will be doing our usual evening routine.  Snuggle up, keep warm and watch TV.
Stew needs to instal my new light bulb, but that's it.
Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. "fresh salad shit stuff." Haha. That's exactly what I would call it, too!

  2. I love that you have found this new pattern!! For market is it possible to make a monotone one? You know greys, whites, blacks... A lot of homes don't have bright colours and a monotone runner is great to put a bright object on for contrast. Just a thought, they will all look great. I also buy 'salad shit' plus my specialty is 'shit soup'... soup with everything thrown in and turns out differently every time :)

    1. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Lynda has a good point. And it made me wonder if this might be a good project to use up more basic fabric from your stash, that are not your favorites.

    2. Anonymous1:06 PM

      I think you thought that would be boring to sew.

      But she has a point. A line of a few non-brights might attract a different set of buyers.

      I would not buy any monotone fabric. But I would look to see what is already in your stash, besides the Christmas fabric, that might give a different look/option (and use up fabric that you are not likely to use in other projects).

      Blacks, whites, grays (combined or separate) is a very good suggestion. More neutral blues is a good idea too.


  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    I like the idea of monochromatic runners. Greys and whites, or some other colours like red and white or green and white Xmas runners. Even shades of pink or teal. Instead of black borders, just blocks of whatever plain colour you're using (black for the black/white/grey, pink for the pink shads, etc). I think that would be awesome xx Colleen

  4. Haha Chris - I knew what you’d think of my suggestion. I have a black, grey and white duvet cover and it looks amazing with bright cushions. Not your thing I know :)

  5. Leeann2:28 PM

    Here's a video of making a simple braid runner.

    1. Thanks Leeann, I'll go check it out.

  6. We call that Linner lol. Sheesh so expensive for lettuce and tomatoes!

    1. I like that one better. Will use it forever now! lol

  7. You know..... I am rather addicted to some silly sewing type shows (Project Runway.... even though I DO NOT sew) And I can just imagine what they would come up with in a monotone challenge. Monotone..... What does that mean exactly? Blue? Lots of different blues. But, blue? There are a million ways you could do that. Dark to light. Turquoise to royal blue. Ya Know! Patterns... Solids.... Blah blah blah.


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