Friday, June 09, 2023


 I managed to squash me right index finger last night at the pub.

I went to sit down, grabbed the seat to lift it forward... and sat down.  *scream*   The bloody seat part wasn't attached to the legs part, and me finger was trapped between the two, and I sat down.  With my finger trapped between the two chair pieces.

That hurt like b'jezus.  And it throbbed for bloody ages ... I'll take a photo later if it's worth showing.  Last night it was starting to bruise up under the finger nail.

So in future, check the seat is secure before sitting down!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Friend, Karen J.  We hope you have an awesome day Chick.  Sorry we can't visit you this time.  😊💜💚💗

Today I'm going straight into my sewing room and putting the heat pump on.  I'll be warm and toasty in ten minutes flat.

I will be working on the Flower Runner most of the day.  I doubt I'll get it finished, because I haven't made one like this before.  So that takes me longer.

Catch ya later.

10.10 am:  and.... it's a beautiful day out there.  From where I'm sitting in the sewing room, I can't see a cloud in the sky.  

My finger hasn't bruised up as much as I thought it would, just under the nail.  It's still sore af, but I'll live.

ABOVE:  I am ready for the day.  Diet Coke, Crackers, Hummus, Basil Pesto and a hot mix of Mocha and Caramel Latte.  Yum.

11 am - ish, and I hear a door shut inside the house.  I'm like, what the F?  What was that?  How did a door close on it's own?
So I get up to investigate and out of the blue, Brylee appears.
I literally jumped out of my skin before I realised it was her.  Man I'm jumpy.
So, it's the first day she's been able to drive after dislocating her shoulder and breaking her tailbone, falling down at skating.

ABOVE:  Three girls in a row.  Rather cute.  It was lovely to see Bry, have not seen her in over a month, if not longer.
She's now waiting to see a specialist in Auckland, as her shoulder MAY need surgery to stop it dislocating so easily.  Something that should have been sorted out years ago already.  Most annoying for her.

She has left now, and I'm back to my Flower Runner, which I'm making slow progress on.  But I am aiming to have it done in time for the next Tamahere Market on the 17th of June.  Easy peasy.

ABOVE:  Quilting the background before I can start adding the flower details in the middle.  Exciting.  Coming along nicely.

I will be stopping at 3 pm today as I have a walk planned in Cambridge.

ABOVE:  Phew, big job done.  It's taken two days to get the 'background' done.  Now I 'just' have to do the flowers.
And that will be done tomorrow.  I'm done for now.

7.25 pm:  And I'm proud to say I did indeed go walking in Cambridge this afternoon.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the company.
The time and distance goes so much faster when you are walking with friends.

I really should try to attend more.

Home and I made Stew and I a wrap for dinner, they were rather YUM.

Now, usual evening.  TV.  Feet up.  Keeping warm.
Till bedtime.

Catch ya tomorrow.




  1. Ouch. Lunch box and set for the day go you.

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I would have been quite scared too. Do the dogs normally sound the alert for arrivals? Or do they bark at so much that you ignore them?

    1. Usually the dogs bark at anything that moves, but obviously they didn't see or hear Brylee arrive. I sure didn't, and I can see the driveway very clearly from the sewing room! I was sewing, so didn't notice her arriving. Both dogs were at my feet too, so didn't see her coming through the garage from the house either.

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Love the background photo on the wall chick GM 💙💙

    1. Yep, she's always watching me, and always on my mind.

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Love the colors/patterns/fabric and your machine quilting is quite nice.

    I have a long arm quilter who has always done mine (full size quilts) for me. Handy that you can do your own on these smaller pieces, great skill to have.

    I have done that same technique, finished a quilt, including binding, and then went back and appliquéd on top the whole thing.

    Mine was hand appliqué. It was a lot easier to get everything to lay flat/right with the layers already quilted.

    I have a large one I did 25 years ago when my youngest was a new born. I would sit and nurse her and appliqué at the same time. (I sewed her blankets/clothes to the quilt more than once, but never got her.) It helped pass the new born time and she was a winter baby so we were home for a long time.


  5. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Poor Brylee! I hope she can finally get her shoulder fixed, I can't imagine what she goes through with it. It must be so frustrating. Ky Girl

  6. Anonymous5:39 PM

    The border is beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished after your flowers😍

  7. Crotchet flowers maybe the petals ? That be a 3D effect could you post up some Xmas runners that you e done especially the long ones… Please thanks

  8. STOP!!!! That runner is amazing right now. This minute. It does not even need the flowers. It's really cool. I like the solid middle bit because you can put stuff on it. The flower runners can have a MUCH simpler border. Of course, adding flowers to this will also look amaze-balls. But I really really like it as is. And the "generic" pattern might be good for sales. IDK. It's awesome.


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