Sunday, June 18, 2023


 After our early start yesterday, I doubt Stew or I will be getting outta bed for a bit longer today.

And, sorry, but we have no plans for our day.

Stew just wants a super lazy day.

I do too really.

We don't have another market for a full month, and I'm just fine with that.

I have enough stock to carry us over the next few months, so anything I make in the sewing room now will be just because I want to.

Not to fill market stock gaps.

The very next fine day I will have to dry out the gazebo, all the sides and the big plastic ground sheet.  Such a pain in the butt.

We also have the 'Runner's And More' sign sopping wet, a table cloth and one coaster to get dry too.  Grrrrr.  

Luckily none of the runners etc got wet yesterday.

Right, that's it for now.  I'm going to lie here in bed and read the news, bla bla bla.

1.27 pm:  Oh shit!  Totally forgot to do an update earlier.
Not that our day has been riveting at all.
We got up and I got some washing on, watered the plants, then went to the supermarket with Stew.
We went to Pak N Save.

OMG.  Their meat department was revolting.  OLD mince, poor packaging, and the prices were no better than anywhere else.
Can you believe ordinary, crappy mince is about $20 a kilo now?  TWENTY BUCKS!  That's just crazy.
All the meat was expensive.   I'm so glad Stew and I don't eat much meat now at all.

So, after getting our weekend supplies, we came home and put it all away.

Then I made us a wrap each for lunch, using Pork and Apple Schnitzels.  So nice.  So filling.
That should do us for the day in fact.

Then I fell asleep for a moment in front of the telly!
But just woke up cos I need a piddle.
I will put the washing in the dryer while I'm up and  moving.

Then... dunno.  Might just chill out again.

Yeah, didn't chill for a while.  I sorted out all my runners.  Yesterday they just got piled in the bags willy nilly.  So they are all sorted again.
Then I put ties on the second runner bag, to help move it in and out of the car.

Then I took photos of all my Christmas Runners for a friend.  That was a good exercise, cos now I know exactly what I have in stock.

Tomorrow I am going to make a start on a couple of more 'traditional' Christmas Runners.  
I might as well, cos I have enough all the other sorts.

It's now 6.46 pm, it's cold, and I am snuggled up with me blankie on.  Feet up.  Watching the news on the telly.
That will be me for the rest of the night, so catch ya tomorrow.



  1. I just got home from visiting a craft show. It's one we used to have a booth at. In some ways I miss it. In some ways it's a huge relief. The show had fewer booths than in years gone by. I did see a lightweight gray "sweatshirt" kind of loose and baggy with a flower sewn on it. Like your flower runner. But just one flower, no stem. Big petals made of different fabrics.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Chris......not sure about you, but I don’t like going outside when it is very cold and raining. Do you think people are generally the same and therefore you should attend markets when the weather is normally better, say from Spring? Just a thought. Marie, Melbourne

    1. In an ideal world I would NEVER attend a wet market, as a seller or buyer. But in order to keep our 'Spot' at Tsmahere it is prudent to turn up every market day. It took us years to finally get a permanent spot, so I don't want to lose it.

    2. Just a thought, when the weather is crappy could you do a 'reduced' market? Less stock but still showing all that you do? Easier all round and you still get to attend the market.

    3. Yes good idea. Something I have already decided to do next time.

  3. Our local Pac n Sav has really great meat and is my shop of choice. I think it depends on the individual shop? The price is crazy though and like you we don't eat so much meat either.

  4. Roll on summer months I say these frosts the cold is not good, well it down our way.


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