Monday, June 12, 2023


 After visiting the Hamilton Zoo yesterday, we went out to Lake Karapiro.

It was beautiful out there.   And the playground is pretty good too.

ABOVE:  There's one in every family right?  Idiot girl. It spins around.

ABOVE: This swing was AMAZING.  But so dangerous for any small child walking past without adult supervision.

I had to rush to stop a wee girl from having her head knocked off when she walked too close to the end of the swing.

It should have a safety fence at each end, AT LEAST.

I'm going to ring the council and suggest it today.

ABOVE:  The spill way at the Karapiro Dam.  

ABOVE:  The water was crystal clear.  I can't wait till summer!

ABOVE:  Lacy took this photo of me.  She said it almost looked like I was walking on water.

I try Lacy, I try.   πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š

ABOVE:  Stew found a lonely Road Cone.  Lying on it's side, just taking in the view.  So ...  he stood it up.  

We think it must have been kidnapped, then thrown out when no ransom was paid.   Poor thing.

ABOVE:  Lacy and I kept it company for a little while.

And that's a wrap on yesterday's day out.  As I said last night, we had a really lovely day.

Looking forward to the next one.  

Back to the present.... I am going to carry on working on the Flower Runner today.

I'm thoroughly enjoying doing it, it's refreshing to do something different from my 'norm'.

And it's going to be STUNNING when finished, I hope!

9.09 am:  And while I'm up out of bed, have washing on and am about to start work in the sewing room... I'm SLOW.
Like a lizard.
Too cold.
Waiting for my room to warm up.

But, one big thing already done.
I sent an email off to the Waipa District Council, expressing my concern about the safety aspect of that swing at Lake Karapiro.  Fingers crossed I get a positive reply.  I just don't see how they can leave it like it is, it's NOT SAFE.  An email can't be ignored, like a phone call btw.

DIET NEWS:  I think I have 'diet fatigue'.  I'm just so over it right now.  I've put on 2 kilos, and just seem to be in a 'holding pattern'.
So, stepping away from the scales for a couple of weeks, and hopefully come back re-energised.
Hopefully I don't put any more weight on!

ABOVE:  Two and a half hours working on this one so far today. And all I got done was adding 7 more flowers and dicking around with leaves and composition.  But... I do believe it's ready for ironing all the flowers etc onto the backing, then stitching!

But first, I must tidy up the sewing room and put away all the fabrics I've pulled out.  I cannot work in a mess, and OMG, my room is a bloody mess.

5.45 pm:  And I've just come in from the sewing room.  I sewed all afternoon, and only got the 'easy' bits stitched today.
I'm damn tired now.

Feet up for a while I think.

And me feet stayed up, watched the telly, kept warm with the heat pump on etc.  
I dislike extremes of temperature, but have finally decided I prefer SUMMER.

I never thought I'd say that!  

Right, enough waffling, time to sign off for the day.  Looking forward to me warm bed.


  1. The lake looks lovely and so much fun you all had there. Good idea on calling about the safety fences. I am surprised no one thought of that when they put up the swing.

  2. Hahahaha that Cone tho 🀣 πŸ˜†
    #Lacy πŸ’™πŸ’œ

  3. I wonder if I listened to a podcast about a tragedy at that dam. I know it took place in New Zealand. Some kids hiked in to the water and the heard loud alarms repeatedly, but they didn't know what they meant. After the alarms went off several times (like every 5 minutes) a big rush of water came and swept one girl away.
    Your pictures are always so magical. And you seem to have lovely weather year round. I know you think it's cold. But, it looks perfect to me!

  4. It was Aratiatia Dam.

    1. I do remember that tragedy. My paternal grandfather was a Civil Engineer and helped build the Aratiatia dam, and a few more. I was taken to look at the huge water turbines inside the Aratiatia dam before it became functional. HUGE to a little kid!

    2. Anonymous12:57 PM

      The Aratiatia Dam is just outside the Taupo township and that tragedy happened in February 2017. There were more warning signs erected after the tragedy as the dam opens three times a day. Audrey

  5. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Your flower runner looks spectacular - did you just make up the pattern out of your head!! because it looks so similar to the one you showed earlier done by someone else. That Lake looks so peaceful and relaxing - I think it's good to reconnect with nature on a regular basis. I agree that kids playground ride could really be dangerous if someone small was going past, but the other one you climb looks very cool. We are not surprised you can walk on water but it would definetly be nice place to visit in summer. Good to see you are not getting endless days of rain hopefully there's a run of clear weather. Maria(Australia)

    1. I got the inspiration for the Flower Runner from a quilt I saw on the internet recently. I posted a photo of that quilt on my blog on June 7th. Virtually NOTHING you make now is ORIGINAL, cos everyone gets their ideas from somewhere! Like a coffee mug, just how many ways can you make it? Decorate it? Yeah. I have put my own twist on the Flower Runner of course.

  6. Rhonda12:01 PM

    What a lovely day you all had yesterday, everyone looks so happy. Wow the runner is just stunning. Diet fatigue is very real lol Great idea to put scales away for a couple of weeks. Maybe try to do some form of exercise daily, maybe 30 minutes so your weight may stay stable while you get reenergised to get back to your ’diet regimen’ Whatever is right for you is the way to go

  7. Anonymous12:15 PM

    The Flower Runner is nice...Peta

  8. The runner is beautiful.

  9. Replies
    1. Well yes. I do try my hardest to not make ugly shit! LOL

  10. Anonymous5:38 PM

    The runner is beautiful….so colourful.

    Perhaps you are going into hibernation mode with your eating now that the cooler/colder weather is approaching in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Here in the UK we are having a taste of summer with hot weather and so it makes it far easier to eat healthier food such as salads etc. than in the colder whether when the body craves ‘stick to your ribs’ food.
    You have done so well so don’t think that you are a failure….you will recover your positivity!

  11. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Your flower runner is really lovely. Very well done, a true work of art. (Ro ~ n.w. Italy)

  12. I feel it needs one more in that gap in the middle 🀷🏻‍♀️ or a butterfly lol
    Can’t wait to see it finished.

    1. That gap is for ya pot plant on the coffee table! Lol... yeah I might put something there. πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰


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