Thursday, June 22, 2023


 What makes you drool?

For me...

ABOVE: It's this!  Gorgeous fabrics.   I simply can't get enough of them.

The Ribbon Rose (Craft and Fabric shop) in Mt Wellington Auckland has moved to Penrose Auckland.  And I'm told it's now covering three stories!

OMG I have to go and check it out.  Like SOON.

I wonder if they have more fabrics???

Stew said we can go on Saturday.  I'm really looking forward to that.  *squeals*

ABOVE:  Today's job.  My third Braid Runner.  I made a start on it yesterday afternoon, so I should get it finished today.  Very little BLUE in this one!!!  

I hope it looks nice once it's finished.

Stew said last night's dinner was OK, but not amazing.  I felt the same when I had mine midday.  Just not super yummy.  It was Lamb Chops in Mint Sauce.  The chops were very average.

We've both been craving MEAT lately.  So tonight I'm going to give Stew a pork chop, with a baked potato and salad.  Here's hoping he enjoys it.

I will be having a ham salad wrap for my LINNER.

I've not had much ham of late.  I think I just had too much a while ago, having it every day.  Yeah, nah.

I am doing my upmost to have an excellent week diet wise.  I need to break the plateau I've been on for bloody weeks!

My biggest downfall is PORTION SIZES.  So, I'm going to be putting LESS on my wraps.  One slice of ham, a small spoonful of Basil Pesto, NO CHEESE, lots of salad.  

I am 100% sure my wraps were getting out of  hand!

Right, catch ya later.

MARLENE:  It's not that much further away from Sylvia Park than before, just in the other direction.

ABOVE:  12.15 pm and I've just finished the quilting of the runner.  Now I'm stopping to have some lunch, before coming back in here to put the binding on.
Then I can show you how it looks.
I am loving how each one looks different, depending on the colours you use.  
This one is pretty.

ABOVE:  My third Braid Runner.  It's time for a break I think.
Though I'll probably come back later and cut out another one!

So, I put the new runner on the kitchen bench so Stew can see it when he gets home.
And he duly arrives and sees it.
It's so lovely when he tells me how gorgeous it is, how the colours are perfect etc.
Made my day.   BTW, he loved the first two as well.

He walked down to the pub tonight, but needed a lift home as it's PISSING DOWN out there.  Freezing rain too.
It's been torrential on and off all day.

Just the norm around here eh?  Rain Rain and more Rain.   God I am so f'ing over it.

Just how much more rain can we get?????

So, now it's like quarter past 8 and all is quiet.  Just relaxing, watching the telly till bedtime.
Looking forward to going to bed.  I didn't sleep well last night AT ALL.  I think I finally got to sleep around 4 am.  No idea why I couldn't get to sleep.  Hoping tonight is better.
Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    I've been struggling with portion control lately, myself. Last night I made myself divide half what I had put on my plate. I looked at it, knew it was too much, almost chose to eat it anyway, but knew I shouldn't, so I didn't. I've also cut out dessert at night. It is not needed. So I am changing all sweets to lunch and maybe some nuts after dinner.

    I am glad you are having fun with your new runners. I hate trying to follow sewing patterns. They are very confusing. Ky Girl

  2. Love the colours of the new runner Chris. Kaffe fabrics are just so gorgeous. It's a shame Ribbon Rose has moved - love it was close to Slyvia Park and the Golf Warehouse so could go to all in one visit.😊. Do you like cottage cheese -less calories and carbs.

  3. The runners are looking great Chris. I made my daughter a queen size quilt for her 18th using a simpler French braid pattern

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Chinese makes me drool having it tonight YUMMO 😋 GM 💙💙

  5. Kiwionholidays3:33 PM

    Stunning pics especially the last 3 loving your work
    Hey the pink in the 3rd picture from the bottom
    Wrap me in that for winter warmth ,,somewhere in Central Otago with mulled wine and good food for dinner,,
    That’s my idea of a great holiday destination.

    Will be good to have access to Ribbon Rose 🌹 and the size of the place would be amazing

    Catchup soon
    Cheers 🥂

    1. That pink is the back of the runner.

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Yep sorry I meant wrap me in anything warm in that colour lol

  6. The runner looks amazing.

  7. Love that runner very pretty, I can see a blue one coming soon…

    1. The second one I did had blues in it. Next one is going to be.....

  8. You really do have an eye for colour, love the way you place them so they all blend/match.
    Hope you have a get a good night's sleep tonight 😴

    1. Thanks Jen. Love ya.

    2. Anonymous11:50 PM

      Absolutely stunning Chris. Maggie Melbourne Au

  9. OMG - We could use your rain. It is sooo dry here. We are in "extreme forest fire danger". It has not rained all summer that I can recall. We are supposed to get LOTS of rain this weekend however. Maybe that means you will have a reprieve. The rain clouds can visit my side of the earth!


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