Friday, June 02, 2023


 I bought two very cheap sweatshirts from K Mart yesterday.   I had something in mind for them from the start.

ABOVE:  This one looks very blah laid out on the floor, but wait till I've finished with it!

I reckon this $18 misery is going to look fabulous.

It sure looks WIDE as f*#k just lying on the floor... it's a size 16.  Last time I bought a winter top it was at least a 20, if not bigger.  So something is working.  😂😉😊

I feel like my hard work is FINALLY paying off ... I threw out 4 big sweatshirts yesterday.  It felt so good throwing them in the bin.

They were not pristine enough to gift to anyone else btw. 

I had thought of keeping them for 'around home' tops, but they were just too big and made me feel like a frump.

Fuck feeling/looking like a frump.  That would have just dragged me down in the dumps.

It is 'Teacher Only Day' at Dante and Archer's school today.  So they are coming here while Bex Works.

I am sure I can still work on that sweatshirt while they play on their Chrome Books.

I know heaps of people like to restrict computer use for their kids, but while they are here... I say go for it!  Happy kids = quiet kids.  I'm over noisy, rambunctious kids!

Right, I'm going to read the news and emails, then get up and start the day.

9am:  and I've already finished that top...

ABOVE:  Usually this fish would have some fearsome teeth, but I've opted not to add teeth as the fabric is quite loose and it might not work too well with little teeth.  It was hard enough just getting the stitching tidy with the bigger pieces.
Overall, I'm happy with how it worked out.

Now... I've got this one to think about:  

ABOVE:   It doesn't show up in the photo, but it's a very pale blue.  
Should I do another Fish?  Or something else?
Gimme some ideas ...

ABOVE:  At the end of the day, it wasn't hard to decided what to put on this sweatshirt.
Now I have two new winter tops that are totally unique, and funky.  My sorta funky anyway.
I have kept the houses simple, no chain downpipes or flowers etc.  Going for the 'less is more' theme again.

Now, it's 2.21 pm, the boys went home half an hour ago.  So I might just relax and watch something on Netflix, or YouTube.  

I'm done in the sewing room for today.

Or have I?  I just realised I forgot to put chimneys on my houses.  And they need chimneys!  I'll do them later.

ABOVE:  It's later.  They are done.
And I added a bloody chain drainpipe!

I had a very quiet afternoon, which was lovely.  Had a late shower and hair wash, and got into me PJ's at 4pm!  No point getting dressed again.... no one visits us in the evenings.
Unless they are family.  And they don't mind seeing me in my PJ's and Oodie.

I made a wrap for his dinner, he loved it.  I put Won Tons on his wrap, something a bit different.

Time to wind down.... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I have been looking for clever ways to play with clothes. Can't wait to see what you come up with for that shirt. In fact, I just bought a big blue sweatshirt and I have no idea why. I don't even like it! Bring on some inspiration!

  2. Since NZ is going into cold season, I don't think you're going to be doing a ripped technique, but I'm sure it will be awesome.

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Chris, not sure about NZ, but here the op shops take “unpristine” T-shirt’s and windcheaters as companies buy them and they are made into rags for places like car mechanics etc. Marie, Melbourne

  4. So cute!!!!! And the simple mouth looks just fine. I never missed the teeth. For the other shirt... Let me think.... Bird, Wonky house, flowers, insects, fish, hot air balloons, frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, bees with hive, leaves, plants, turtle, trees, waves, whale, succulents, chickens, pawprints, featherweight sewing machine. Damn. Unlimited possibilities. You could make bags, shirts, and beyond!!!!

    1. ONE of those suggestions is a win. And I am already working on it. Thanks for SO MANY ideas!

  5. Anonymous9:54 AM

    So cute!

    I wonder about one of your frazzled cats, with no words.

    1. Yeah nah, far too many twists and turns and points to try doing that on stretchy fabric! But thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM

    That fish T-shirt looks fabulous you are so clever - now - they have the wow factor. I think for the white top - something with purple in it - so you can wear those fabulous purple boots - maybe a heart?? multi-coloured. Something colourful like those mug rugs you did. A skinny chick on a house (bird version - you know what I mean). Also I have been watching an Irish show you might like - called Blue Lights - about new police cadets only 6 episodes. But they are scary in Ireland the gangs over there and the police only have these little battens and pepper spray. Also that 4 points for that coffee that's a real trap - I think my mum lives on those because she has to take dad to lots of doctors appointments she just brings them with her but 3 of those and you only can have a salad for dinner.

  7. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Every one you meet out and about while you are wearing that fish sweat shirt will stop you and ask you where you bought it from. Good job!! Ky Girl

  8. Chris as always great job

  9. Kiwionholidays3:17 PM

    Great to Catch up on here again
    Time poor love the patterns on the hoodies ,my idea if you get another one would be Kiwiana in the Paua colours or the green background Koru or Silver fern or any other Kiwiana mix.
    Just my wee thoughts on the matter

    Beautiful weather here ,like summer so better go enjoy it while we can
    I see Dunedin had 20 deg yesterday .(What’s with that .?)

    Hope your afternoon is relaxing 😌

    Cheers 🥂

  10. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Perfect - you're the skinny chick in the house - love it. You are right the top it didn't look blue more white but the second photo shows it better. It's perfect you can choose lots of different earring colours to wear with it - if you are into earrings. Maria(Australia)

    1. Ha! NOT skinny mate... just slowly getting to a more 'normal' size. I'd like to lose another 10+ kilos, then I will be where I want to be.


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