Wednesday, June 14, 2023


 Yesterday, while out walking with the FBG's, I fell into a conversation with H G about cooktops.

Her whizz bang Induction Cooktop had just died and she'd gone out and bought herself a small, portable one element Induction Cooktop.

I had NO IDEA you could buy them like that.

I have always wanted to try an Induction Cooktop.

ABOVE: 26 years ago, when our home was built, they put in this cooktop.

Back then it was the latest thing, and very desirable.  Easy clean, electric and so on.

But.... OMG I hate it!  It takes forever to heat up a pot of ANYTHING, and then it bloody well switches off every 45 seconds.  So not only does it take forever for something to come to the boil,  it doesn't stay on the boil.

Grrrrr!  It is maddening.

So, I did what H G did yesterday, and went and bought these:

ABOVE:  I 100% believe in FATE, I was meant to buy them.  

The Induction Element was half price, and the Induction Pot was 65% OFF!  

When I got them home, I heated up some soup...

ABOVE: That soup was BOILING in less than 30 seconds!!!  And it held it's heat too.... I must remember to be very careful with that.

So I guess I will be buying an Induction Frying Pan at the very least now.

I probably won't buy an entirely new Induction Cook top for the house (installed into the bench top), as I think this single element will do for us.


Definitely will be doing more sewing.  If I'm not careful I won't have the Flower Runner finished in time for the Market on Saturday.  Must push on with it!

ABOVE:  I couldn't make the bed this morning.

So, now in the sewing room, about to start working on the runner.  Waiting for the heat pump to kick in and warm up the room.  It's too damn cold.

ABOVE:  A hive of activity across the road today.  That house got sold recently, and the new owners are extending their parking area out the front of the garage.  It's taken them almost 2 weeks to get the concrete in.

Meanwhile, the girls have been out there telling them what for!  How dare anyone be out there on their street.  Too funny.

Well... I've done it again.
I'm in Cambridge for an FBG Walk. They were lacking numbers so I came over. Gets me off my butt for a couple of hours.  And the flower stitching is all done, so I know I'll get that runner finished in time now.

The weather is stunning.... God i hope it doesn't pack it in by Saturday! What's the chances???? 

ABOVE:  Another glorious day for walking.  You can't really tell in the photo, but we were half way down a long shitty hill.  But I think I did fairly well on the way back up, I managed to keep yakking!  lol

Bex and the boys are coming for a visit after school today... which means they will be here in a few minutes.   
I'm still getting my lunch ready!  Just a wrap today.

ABOVE:  Today's 'official' walk photo.  You can't tell, but I had my tights on inside out!  Whoops.

6.15 pm:  Finally back inside after sewing from 4 pm till now.
I finished the Flower Runner.
And will be taking a break from sewing for a few days now.  That runner was a mission and a half.
I will show it to you tomorrow.

Stew should be home shortly... then I will make him a wrap for his dinner.

Freezing night ahead, so I'm about to get my hot water bottles heated up.  
So typical, bad weather is coming.  I hope it pisses off by Saturday.

Stew is getting his own dinner... yaaa.  I really can put me feet up and just relax for the evening.
Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. That flower runner should be your "signature piece" to get people in to your booth. I don't think there is a fair price for the amount of work you put in to it.

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      I was thinking something similar, that you should keep first one for display and take PAID orders for similar ones.

      Or keep it for prominent display and sell smaller versions.


  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Most frying pans will work on an induction cooktop now. Just check, you might not need to go out and buy a new one. My Crofton pans are supposed to work on an induction top (I don't have one so no idea!). xx Colleen

  3. I got my first induction hob about 15 years ago, when we moved to our current home, the first thing to go was the gas hot plate. Love it. Check your current pans with a magnet, anything that sticks will work on induction.

    1. Oh thanks for that info. Now to just find a magnet!

  4. When we renovated the kitchen last year we swapped gas for induction. Love it. As Ally says, we now carry a magnet whenever buying cookwear! A lot will say it is suitable but you have to read the labels really carefully because some say they aren't and all I read was "induction". Lesson learned!!

  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    We have had induction cooktop since we moved into this house 12 years ago, my husband dropped a glass bottle of oil and it cracked so we had to have it replaced, took a while because people are not cutting stone bench tops in situ so much anymore because of the risk of silicosis ..luckily we have our new one now all beautifully the meantime for two months we also bought a portable one from Ikea...worked well...but we are very happy to have our full size one back...Peta

  6. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Please don't sell that flower runner! Keep it as "display only" and use it as an example!! xx Colleen

  7. Make sure you check out all of your existing pots and pans before spending money on special induction cookware. Most work (Cast iron, steel, some enamelled steel, and stainless steel pans with an iron base). My daughter has been using one of those portable induction cooktops for years - brilliant things!!

  8. Haha having your tights on inside out - did anyone notice??? Where did you buy your induction cooktop - thinking of doing the same.

  9. If anyone noticed my inside out tights, they kept it to themseleves. Induction Element from Farmers.


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