Saturday, June 17, 2023


 I felt nervous overnight about today's market.

We  haven't done a market in a few weeks, therefore I was restless overnight.  Worrying about stuff I really shouldn't be worried about.

We have our set up down pat, so it should go like clockwork eh?

The biggest thing is going to be the weather, as per bloody usual.  Our forecast is for showers later on in the day, so I really hope that holds.

It's pitch black outside, so I can't even see what the day is like out there!

It is only 5 days until the shortest day of the year for New Zealand, so at our next market we will be heading back towards the longest day.  Today though, we have our torches to help us see what the hell we are doing during set up!

We are not expecting a frost this morning, thank goodness!  I am taking two blankets, all my winter warmers and layers of clothes!  So hopefully I don't end up utterly miserable and freezing.

Because we are leaving so early, we should avoid all the Fieldays traffic, which is excellent.

We  have never done a Tamahere Market that coincides with the Fieldays, so it will be interesting to see if we get more people coming to the market, who have been, or are going to Fieldays.

A huge amount of the Fieldays traffic has to literally pass our market, so fingers crossed we get plenty of visitors.

I am feeling very hopeful that this will be a good market.

Right, we better get a move on.  I need to put on me face, get my hot drink made, bla bla bla.

...8.16 am. All set up. Not raining!

ABOVE: Working in the dark. At least we have lamps now.
Its not bitterly cold today, but still cold enough that I'm thankful for me thermals. 

ABOVE: Stew got cold enough to buy a beanie for his head. 
Slow here right now.

11.30 am. And NO. 
THIS MARKET IS A BUST again. No 'extra' people here at all. 
And it's started to rain. 
Only consolation is that it's not freezing.  Just cold.
I'm gutted.
Its SO MUCH WORK coming to a market.
All the time and effort for nothing really. 

FUCK FUCKITY FUCK.  That pretty much covers it. 

2 pm.  Home.   I thought we had already had our 'worst market ever' ... but NO.
Today was.  We came home with virtually no money made at all.  Sold ONE runner.  That offset the cost of our stall fee.  
We are terribly disappointed.  
EDIT:  We were not the only stall holders who were upset how it went today... EVERYONE WAS.

Glad to be home and can just relax for the rest of the day.
Steve and Bex are coming for dinner.
I don't think they know this yet, but they are cooking!  lol

Sorry/not sorry.

10.15 pm:  Right, dinner went down really well.  Stew and I hadn't had a sausage in months!  Or wedges.  So nice for a change.
The Waikato team won their rugby game, so the guys were happy chaps.

Once they left, Stew and I just relaxed for a couple of hours.  It's now time to head off to bed, we are knackered.



  1. Stew has bunny ears!
    Your flower runner looks fabulous. I can see it all the way from Minnesota!

  2. Ohhh noooo....thats sux!! Can understand you being so gutted 😞

  3. Oh Chris that is a big disappointment for you both.

  4. Ohhhh mate that sucks big time now that the front of your house is so perfect now would you have the ship up and running again? To off set some of the bust markets?
    What about is there market days ever at Tirau that place fair hums with traffic and people.

    1. Ummm , I entertained the idea of opening up a mini shop at the house for a good hour. Then Stew and I went through the pro's and con's and decided that would be a firm NO. Just more con's than is worth it. As for Tirau markets... I have no idea. I will investigate, but I think if there was one there I would have heard about it by now.

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Oh no!! How disappointing that is after all of your hard work. Bummer!! I wish I could go round up some folks for you. Ky Girl

  6. I know the feeling. There is a reason we quit doing craft shows. Now our son is following in our footprints and asking if shows are worth it. I am screaming NOOOO~ At the moment we both sell on Etsy and our own websites. What about Etsy? Keep it to New Zealand for starters so you don't have to muck with international shipping. I only sell to the USA. If someone REALLY wants something internationally they will message and ask.

  7. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Are people just over markets in general? Poor advertising? The wrong season for outdoor events? What do you think?

    How utterly disappointing and frustrating for you both.


  8. That is so frustrating when that happens!


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