Wednesday, June 28, 2023


 I don't know how ... but yesterday afternoon I ended up making my grandson some Scrambled Eggs.

He wanted to see how my new Weight Watchers Scrambled Egg dish worked.  So I shook up two eggs in a shaker, then put them in the dish.  Added some salt and a tiny bit of cheese.

Liam said "Grandma, you have to put milk in that".

I was like, "No I don't".

Some backward and forward discussion ensued, cos Liam was adamant I had to add milk.

I didn't add milk.

ABOVE:  Guess what?

Liam loved his milk free scrambled eggs.

ABOVE:  He had the grace to say I was right.  Yeah.  I may be old mate, but I know a darn sight more than you.  Little pipsqueak.

Cute photo of him and Emily having some afternoon tea.

I was really happy with my Weigh In last night.  I worked so hard for that 1.1 kg loss.

Now I just have to keep it up, and have another loss next week.  

I'm trying to add more exercise into my day.  It's not always easy when its so cold!  I hate being cold, it's so tempting to just snuggle up with a blanket and heat pods.

At least when I'm sewing I am busy, up and down all day pressing seams and so on.

But today I just feel like I need a break from the sewing room.

So maybe I will just snuggle up!

Catch ya later.

The grey house on the right of the image has begun to collapse after being damaged in a landslide (File photo).
The grey house on the right of the image has begun to collapse after being damaged in a landslide (File photo).

Emergency crews have closed parts of a major west Auckland road after a house damaged in a recent landslide started collapsing on Tuesday night.

Scenic Drive in Swanson was barred to traffic just after 7.30pm as a red-stickered house started showing signs of breaking up.

A FENZ spokesperson said a neighbour had called emergency services worried that the house was going to come down.

ABOVE:  Those three houses we saw on our way out to Khady's on Saturday are starting to fall down onto the road now!   Luckily, they are empty.

I dreamed about making another Kiwiana Braid Runner.  I often dream about stuff that I really want to do.  So yeah.
I'm in the sewing room.  NOT what I had planned for today at all.
But oh well, I'm being productive right?

The sun is shining!  Most unexpected.  It is rather cold though.  Think I'll turn me heater on and at least be warm in here.

5 pm:  another quiet day around here.  I had a very lazy afternoon, and have only just started working on the latest runner again.
It is going to be almost exactly the same as yesterday's one.  I just had to change one fabric,
It it still going to look amazing.

I had to take some pain killers today as my upper arms were really sore.  I presume it's from all the sewing.
Thank goodness for pain killers, I can work again.

I am going to try adding some water to the scrambled eggs, so they are not so dense.  Not that they were 'bad' how I did them, but let's see what adding water does shall we?

Well... the scrambled eggs came out beautifully this evening.  I had some cooked onions with me eggs on a wrap for dinner.  Very yum.

Been watching the telly since dinner.  A quiet night as per usual really.  Damn cold.  Not enjoying this winter at all.
Bring on summer, so I can bitch about being too hot! lol


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Very scary house picture!

    We do not have sliding houses where I live, but we used to have flood areas.

    Either the city or the county bought the houses, removed them, made huge parks in that area. On the occasions they flood, no structural damage, just some landscaping to straighten/repair. These areas can be used for big outdoor events in non flood seasons.

    I can remember at least one town on the Mississippi where they moved the whole town higher/further from the river.


  2. My Mom put milk in scrambled eggs, I used to, some add water, some add nothing. I wonder what the Pro Chefs have to say on the matter. No milk, I suspect. So - where did that method originate?

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I would think milk was originally used in scrambled eggs to bulk it out and go further, rather like eating yorkshire pudding with gravy before the main meal to make the meat go further. Most culinary things are a matter of personal taste. Audrey

  4. I add water to scrambled eggs, it makes them fluffier. Apparently a reaction to the liquid fluffs up the eggs more.

  5. I put half an eggshell worth of milk per egg. 🤷‍♀️ always have

  6. Keep up the good work on WW. It's hot over here, send it your way in a few weeks time.

  7. I am having scrambled eggs as I speak/type. Nothing added except salt, pepper, and cheese. Maybe it is impossible to screw up scrambled eggs? Unless you burn them....


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