Friday, June 30, 2023


 I forgot to get more 1 point hot drink sachets yesterday.  so I will be going out today to get some.  I might even try to see Leo (Dr at town clinic) this morning too.

Kill two birds and all that shit.

After that... OMG!  I am going to slowly vacum the entire house.  We have dust bunnies!  My housekeeping is slipping I tell ya.  I just don't vacum anymore.  Sometimes Stew does it.  Sometimes Bex does it.

But lately, no one has done it.  So I will.  It won't kill me.  Just me back.  It's gone past being ignored now.

Then, once I've done that, I will be working on this:

ABOVE: This will be my 2nd Christmas Braid Runner.  I hope it ends up looking nice.  I love the Grinches. 

Last day of June.  Half the year is done.  Heading towards summer now.  

9.20 am: at the clinic in town. Only 14 people ahead of me... waiting to see the one Dr here. JOY.

11.50 am:  finally home from the Dr's.  Long wait, but at least it wasn't 2-3 weeks!  As Leo said, his clinic is the only place in Hamilton where you can see the Dr the same day and not wait weeks.  And he's wonderful.  

Now.  Lunchtime.  Then vacuuming.  Maybe NOT all of the house today, just the worse areas.  Where the dust balls are lying in wait to get ya!  lol

ABOVE:  Yesterday's runner (the blue Kiwiana one), and today's, the Red Christmas one.
And I hope I don't get the urge to make another one for a few days!
Though, I'm open to ideas on themes?  for another.

It's now 4.09 pm, and I'm inside getting warm.  Might even do bugger all else for the day.

I take the silence as a NO on ideas.  That's fine, I will just think of something myself.

Quiet evening here, it is so cold!  I had the heat pump on all night, and was still cold!  So heat pods and blankie on and finally, I'm warm. 

catch ya tomorrow.


  1. oh dang, that means we are heading for winter.

  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Don't forget to fill up your cars chick price going up by nearly 30 cents. Not looking forward to the weekend daily highs of about 8 degrees 🥶 GM 💙💙

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Maybe it is time to look into getting a robot vacuum cleaner... I LOVE mine!

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Robot is good idea.

      I was going to suggest one room/area a day instead of trying to do the whole house.

      Also my upright vacuums do not bother my back. Is it possible a different vacuum would help if you do not want robot?


  4. Leeann4:25 PM

    The runners are lovely Chris. It will be interesting to see how popular they are at the markets.

  5. Your runners look lovely. What about considering one with spring tones - daffodils etc? Just a thought. I know a few people who love yellows etc. As for vacuuming - one of my least favourite jobs. I bought one of those expensive Dyson V15 vacuum cleaners a few months ago - have charged it, but that is as far as my effort has gone. Still using my old vacuum cleaner when I absolutely have to (if I wait long enough my husband does it ... lol)

  6. Kiwionholidays9:46 PM

    Hiya my iPads waiting for a new screen so been able to read each day usually late at night, but not able to reply
    Lovely catch-ups and my fave runner is the blue Kiwiana

    Nice to have an early night n snuggle up
    July tomorrow so as you say spring 🌼 and Summer are on the way yay

    Cheers 🥂

  7. Love the runners! Finally got my laptop up and running a little smoother and back to all my links to catch up a bit on your blog ;) I don't have my old blog links on my phone!!

  8. I can't believe how quickly you get those runners done! I seriously would take half a day to decide on fabrics, and Half a day cutting it out!
    Have you thought about getting a Robo vac? We have the Roomba i7 and it’s brilliant, it vacuums whatever rooms I ask it to, and does a really good job. Even cleans under the couch and side board, so good I bought another one for upstairs!

  9. Yellowy tones or even black and white 🤔

  10. Love the runners! I'm in a sewing slump lol. I need to finish what I started and find something more exciting to work on.


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