Saturday, April 29, 2023


Well today we do our 4th Market for the month of April!
Talk about busy.
After this one, we are back to only two a month.  The new Woodlands one out at Gordonton, and Tamahere.

Today will be slightly different for us.
Bex and her friend Ren were going to do this market as well, but Ren had to cancel as she's not well.
So I suggested Bex still do the market, and Stew and I will help her with the set up and take turns being with her during the day.
That way, she still gets to do the market, and not lose her market fee.
As she won't have Ren's products in her stall, I'm going to put some of mine in there to 'pad out' her stall.
Thinking just cot quilts and soft toys.
That should work.
Once we are all set up, I'll take photos to show you how her stall looks.

We had a bright red sunset last night, which bodes well for a fine day today.  It's looking OK out there right now... even though it's actually still dark.

Enough yakkity yak, I really need to get me face on, make my hot drink, and get off to Cambridge.
Catch ya later.

ABOVE: And it's now 8.20 am and we are all set up, ready to go. 
I'll go take a photo of Bex's stall now.

ABOVE: Bex hiding in the shadows. Her stall looks bright and cheerful too.

2.50 pm... heading home from market.
We had a better than average day. It was threatening to rain the whole time, but luckily held off.
Tired as.
Can't wait to unpack and get me feet up. 
Then have a lovely dinner.

We've only had crackers 'n' cheese all day.
What shall dinner be??? 

HOME by 3.10 pm.

ABOVE:  Something new at the market, concrete planter orbs.  Very funky.
There were heaps of market stalls today, and some really lovely products for sale.

Lots of people.

We were kept busy yakking to all the friends who called in to say 'Hi'.  And my cousin Debbie from Rotorua as well.
I'm making her two large Fish Cushion covers in the next week or two.

ABOVE:  'C'.  My best customer ever!  She has come to several markets over the past few months, and has bought a runner off me (sometimes 2-3) every time.  She said some of the runners she's bought from me are off overseas to family soon.
AND today she bought a wall hanging for her home.
She's got at least 2 of my runners hanging on her walls as well.
She's coming back to Tamahere next month for another one!
So neat to have my stuff appreciated so much.
Her husband is the same as her... loves my stuff! 

ABOVE: Andrew and the kids (and Luna the pup) came out as well.  Lovely to see them.
AND Steve and the boys called in to see us and Bex too.

ABOVE: All packed up ready to go in the car ... for home.  Thank goodness is takes a fraction of the time to get packed up to leave, compared to how long it takes to set it all up!

ABOVE:  You can't be in a rush to leave... cos it's bedlam with everyone trying to park by their stalls and pack up.  It can get a bit 'tense' sometimes when people get their tits in a knot cos they can't move.
We just wait, nothing to be gained by getting cross.  We get out eventually.

My feet are finally up.  Dinner next.

6.14 am Sunday morning... ha! I forgot to sign off last night. Went to bed early.  



  1. Looking bright and cheerful have an awesome day you 3

  2. Both set-ups look great. I hope lots of people attend and it is a very profitable day for you and Bex 🙂

  3. Kiwionholidays12:17 PM

    Yep agree with the others , They are really bright n cheerful n if we were there would be attracted there to buy
    Have a fab day n enjoy the sunshine Team Harvey

    Cheers 🥂

  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Easy dinner here soup and toast 😋 glad today was a better than average day for you 🤗 moving the old people Tuesday JAYSUS she's a big job GM 💙💙

  5. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Looks and sounds like a great day...hope Bex did well too...could you two do your stall together? Peta

    1. No as I use up all the space in our gazebo. Nice thought though.

  6. I've went to a few where they say don't get your car til you're ready to load. That helps a lot on packing up. I take so long to pack up lately I'm usually one of the last ones out lol


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