Wednesday, April 26, 2023


 For the past two months, I have literally gone up and down by 2-3 kilos!

It's been doing my head in.  And I go to bed some nights just so damn annoyed with myself.

What the fuck is going on?

What am I doing wrong?

I should know what the hell I'm doing by now.

So some hard thinking has been going on.

And here's what I think I've been doing 'wrong'.

1.  Only having one meal a day most days.

2. One meal, with the portion size being too big.

3. Slowly having more carbs.

4. Adding in hot, high calorific drinks.

5.  Not having quite enough exercise.

6.  Letting take aways creep back in.

So, I believe I've fucked up my metabolism.  Only eating once a day (most days), slows it down.  When you do that, your body goes into survival mode, and clings on to every ounce of food you give it. 


I'm going to start doing this:

1.  Small, sparrow fart meals, 3 times a day.

2.  Space out said meals to :  11 am, 3 pm and 7 pm.

3.  Continue with NO SNACKING.

4.  Limit hot drinks to only 2-3 a week, and a max of 2 sachets per drink.


I can do this.  I WILL do this.

Watch this space.  I'm gunna get to my next mini goal soon.

Today I will go for a walk again.  On my own, as Stew is back at work today.   I might even just go on my treadmill, and perhaps add a small session on our Cross Trainer too.  I don't want to overdo it, but I am going to build up slowly to a solid 1 hour's exercise a day.

I also want to visit Spotlight for some more thread, and cotton for crochet.  Bex is doing some crochet work for me.

That 'XYZ' project I was talking about yesterday. I will be able to show you what it/they are soon. 

How I started today:

ABOVE:  Planning and 'preparing' today's food.

It is weird thinking of eating as early as 11 am!

But, change is good.  Change is going to WORK.

ABOVE: What's in the box?   

I will add in a small piece of cheese to go with the two larger crackers when it's time to eat.

The dried fruit is dehydrated mango, two dates and a small scattering of dried cranberries.

Obviously, I will eat whatever fresh fruit is on hand on any given day.

The Dinner box only has dried fruit in it, as a snack after dinner.

ABOVE:  Dinner tonight is going to be one small lamb chop and some stir fried veges.  NO carbs.

As of today, Stew is no longer taking his veges and meat to work to have at lunch time.

He worked out it was costing on average, $15 A DAY just for the fresh veges!  So now he's going to buy his lunch instead.  A HEALTHY carb-less kebab, so he still gets his veges and meat, but it will only cost him about $10 a day.

It isn't all about the cost, it's about time and effort, and the potential to waste fresh veges in the fridge if they don't get eaten in time.  OMG we do that so OFTEN.  It so easy to forget you have 6 courgettes in the bottom box, and before you know it, they are all slimy in the bottom of the fridge.  GROSS!

I'm sure we are not the only people who do that eh?  lol

It's now 8.55 am, and I'm still in me nightie.  I really should get moving and do something more productive that decide where to put me lamb on the lawn.  😂😁😊

11.19 am:  And I went to Spotlight and bought the necessary :

ABOVE:  Cotton Yarn for Bex to do her thing for my XYZ's.  I also bought more thread for sewing, cos I go through HEAPS of it.
Then off to the Chemist Warehouse for a repeat prescription and multi vitamins, then back home.
Now... I am having a lovely hot drink (first for the week), and my first little 'meal'.

And it's pissing down out there.  Very heavy drizzle, not quite rain.  It better piss off by Saturday.

4.52 pm:  And thankfully the  rain did go away fairly quickly.

I've been in the sewing room for a while, just working on XYZ, and cat wall hangings.

Bex and the boys popped in after school to drop off a couple of things, and to pick up the cotton yarn.

Now?  I'm about to sort out dinner, not that it takes much time.  I just have to fry the chops and same for the stir fry veges.  A very simple dinner. 

9.30 pm:  Dinner was very nice.  I added a teeny bit of gravy to the chops... haven't have gravy in so long!  

Since dinner we've just watched telly... and after Coronation Street I'll be off to bed.

Gone are the days when I went back to the sewing room and sewed till bedtime.  I now know how to RELAX!  lol

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Good for you for recognizing what is going wrong and what is making you gain weight again and what you need to do to correct it. It sure is a pain in the patootie to have to watch everything that goes into our mouths. Ugg!!

    You got this so hang in there and enjoy that walk!! Ky Girl

  2. Yeah we've been wasting veggies lately... so expensive. Such laziness... so I've vowed to eat them all this week 😋

  3. Being diabetic I still have 2 pieces of toast for breakfast everyday. Last night we had stir fry and rice and for once I thought to check my readings before and after. I had about 3/4 cup of rice and was 6.9 before and 6.2 two hours after ( plus I snuck a couple of pieces of chocolate in there too)
    It just goes to show everyone is different in what they can eat.
    I don’t know what I have done but my weight has slowly started dropping again too

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Chris, not sure if they are available in NZ but over here we can get sugar free Nescafe Latte Coffee Sachets it seems to have hardly any carbs too. There's a few different flavours including mocha. Maybe that's a alternative to your hot drinks. Maria (Australia)

  5. Isn’t dried fruit high in sugar ? we’ve started buying frozen veges way cheaper no waste,
    It’s getting colder our bodies probably hibernate store food.

    1. I don't' think the amount of dried fruit I'm having is too much to worry about. And yes, we also buy heaps of frozen veges.

    2. Agree Chris. The mango is probably equivalent of half a fresh mango and berries are one of the better fruits to eat I read recently

  6. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Yes, wasting vegies sounds very familiar....good you are working out a new food is good to have protein at every meal and even snacks as it curbs hunger more.. Peta

  7. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Stick to fresh fruit dried fruit is so bad for you. Try overnight oats for breakfast especially if you add some protein powder

  8. I have not mastered the art of relaxing.
    Really, need to work on that!


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