Saturday, January 28, 2023


 We are in for several days of wet weather again.


It might even still be wet on Monday for our Cambridge Market.

That will be a bummer, cos that was going to be a good market.  Well, we hoped it would be.

If it's wet, probably will be a bust.

But... let's cross our fingers and hope this shitty weather blows through faster than anticipated.

Today I am going to work on that new runner.  Going with a nautical theme, so I've been looking a pictures of fish/seaweed etc.

Still working on some sort of design, though I'm taking inspiration from our fish painting.

ABOVE: I know I won't be able to get the level of detail in my runner like in the painting, but I can do my best.

Fabric and stitching ... it might take a while!  

But, it's a new challenge, and I like a challenge. 😊😉

Just a little about 'weight' today.  KY Girl commented yesterday that there was no reason why I couldn't get back to 67 kilos if I wanted to, as I ROCK, and can do anything I wish to.

THANK YOU for the vote of confidence chick, but as I said in my reply to you:    

"I agree. I COULD get back to 67 kgs, but I don't want to. That weight was unsustainable for me. And I want to be realistic with my goals and long term expectations."

This time around I am working on getting healthy, not working on getting to a MAGIC NUMBER.  Anything with an 8 in front of it will do it for me.

I can do that.  I can stay at that.  THAT will make me incredibly happy.   And if by some miracle I want to drop a bit more, well that will be a bonus.

But only if it is what I want to do, and it's not stressful for me.

I'm done with unrealistic expectations, and stress.

ABOVE:  I've been dreaming of doing this.  I am going to chuck 17 pairs of knickers IN. THE. BIN. TODAY.

I bought 5 new knickers on Thursday, and today I am going out to buy a few more.  They will 'do' me until I've dropped to my ultimate GOAL.

But for now... I'm gunna get up and see what needs doing around the house, before we go out to buy knickers.  

😏☂☁☔⛆⛈ WET WET WET.

12.44 pm:  What a fun morning.  We went out and I found some new knickers.
Contrary to what I said the other day... I'll show you these:

ABOVE:  I LOVE THEM!  So happy and bright.  Shame they didn't have them in blue too.  I'm now set for the next 15 kilos.

When I get to my Personal End Goal... my reward is going to be...

ABOVE:  Jeans!   
I so want to wear jeans again.
Do you think I will be too old for jeans?  I anticipate getting to 'goal' by the time I'm 65, if not sooner.
I don't want to end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb.  I can almost hear my Mum saying just that!

ABOVE:  Drawing fish.... copied from Google Images.  I can't draw to save myself.  Working on placement/fabric choices etc next.

Another good day.  Wasn't as wet as expected.
Stew got the very last of the calcium out of our pool this afternoon ... it is CRYSTAL CLEAR right down to the bottom now! 
Now we just need the sun to come out again so we can enjoy getting back in it.

Time to sign off for the day. 
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good for you losing the weight, better to try and lose it now, because, and this is a voice of experience. The older you get it becomes more difficult to lose those extra pounds. I am not as active as I was, try to be but, energy levels sometimes just don't allow what my mind and body thinks it should or could do. Cheering you on from the other side of the earth.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Have fun making the nautical themed runner, I know it will be awesome! It's all good with the weight and what we ourselves wish to do for our own health - mental and physical. You are one of the most energetic people I know, you run circles around me and you will make it all work for you as you have been while reaching this goal.
    Sorry about the bad weather, that is so frustrating when you have plans! Ky Girl

  3. I saw that a New Zealand airport was flooded! That's a lot of water! Can't wait to see the nautical theme runner. Make happy friendly fishes!

  4. Never too old 😄

  5. You are never too old to wear jeans. I might pass on the crop top, though!

  6. You know, jeans have come a long way in recent years. Lots of sizes and fits and best of all STRETCH!

  7. Of course you can wear jeans. You can wear whatever the hell you want any time & at any age. There are no rules 😊

  8. Unfortunately Chris the weather isn't that promising for Monday. So much for summer. Keep your goal of wearing jeans. I don't think older women look like ' mutton dressed as lamb' in them. My mother used to use that saying as well 😂

  9. Anonymous3:06 PM

    No one is too old for blue jeans. That is my opinion, of course. Ha Ky Girl

  10. Hell no, I an 67 this year I literally live in jeans... Jean shorts in summer and long jeans in winter. I have dress jeans, casual jeans and around the house jeans. You can get some really comfortable ones now and all kinds of cuts.

  11. Anonymous4:45 PM

    You definetly can wear jeans and you look awesome right now and are doing a fabulous job - your way which is so much more sustainable. 100 percent needs a committed mindset to allow all the knowledge to fall into place and I think you are better placed to do it. Achieveable lots - no maniac low end goal - but realistic timeframe and you can always reassess after your main goal is achieved. I think Chris you have a handle on it - and we love how open and honest you are because we are all struggling in this space and its great to have someone relateable doing it their way. You got this baby. Maria (Australia)

    1. 'baby' ... OMG, more like crabby old tart! But thanks for the lovely comment Maria.

  12. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Wear jeans Chris. I’m 69 and still wear them, age is a number. Know what you’re saying though, you’ll know mutton dressed as lamb

  13. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Thanks for your wise words to me Chris. You are in the right head space so good to see 😊I’m trying (harder)
    Anne - Palmy

  14. I'm 63 and live in jeans . Go to Miller's and look at the stretchy ones there. I'm not overweight but they're the only ones I'll wear because they're SO incredibly comfortable!

    1. Mmm, stretchy jeans. Ill have a search for those!!

  15. I'm 63 and live in jeans. Go to Miller's and look at the stretchy ones there. I'm not overweight but they're the only ones I'll wear because they're SO comfortable!

  16. Wear jeans Chris. Im going on 67 and wear them all the time.

  17. Oh how I wish I could wear jeans again Chris wow the excitement slipping on size 14 jeans not struggle not lying on the bed to try squeeze into the just slipping them my fat arse is in a size 26 again someday I just cry.. I let myself down.

    1. Only my hips/butt are a size 14! Not further up... my biggest problem areas are waist and boobs! We both let our guard down chick, but it's never too late to do something about it. I hope you find the motivation again one day, I'm here to talk if you want.

  18. Ahhh, those jeans. I had two pairs hanging in my cupboard waiting years for me to fit into them. I did eventually, one is too big. I wore the other a few weeks ago and discovered I didn't like jeans anymore. Got too used to leggings. They're so comfortable. But you can wear jeans at ANY age. I'm 70 now and I still think they look great on me. But, nothing like leggings for comfort 😃😃

  19. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Òf course you're not too old for jeans especially with your skinny butt and legs. Go for it. Hope the weather clears up there. Kj

  20. I wear jeans, how old am I? 81 years.

  21. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Wear the jeans, the sparkle, whatever takes your fancy.


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