Sunday, July 31, 2022


 Steve, walking around his work place with a cup in hand.

He asks everyone to spit in the cup.

They are like "What the hell for?"

Steve's response :  " Well I've got a Colonoscopy on Monday, and I'm damned if I'm using their lube!"

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ Yep, that's Steve for ya.

Last night we went to a restaurant we have been to before, quite a few times in fact.

HELLO INDIA in Cambridge.

And we were not disappointed.

We had an amazing dinner, I always have their Butter Chicken, and last night Stew had Chicken Tika Masala.  We also had some Garlic and Cheese Naan breads. 

Stew had a beer and I had two 200ml bottles of bubbly to myself.

I left slightly inebriated.  And FULL as a bull.

That restaurant is amazing.  You can't leave there unhappy, ever.

On the scale of 1 - 10, I give it a 10+.  I couldn't fault A SINGLE THING.

ABOVE:  Well... except Stew!  I asked him to smile.  Yeah.  Got a nice one at the end of the night.

Back to today.  We have no plans.

Sleep in.  Lazy day probably.  Not sure if I will do any sewing or not.  I probably should do some housework.

I THINK if the weather is ok, Stew might do some water blasting of paths.

9.51 am:  We stayed in bed until 9.15!  So nice.
It's blowing and raining, freezing in fact.  So no water blasting this morning.  Maybe it will clear up after lunch, who knows.

I'm sitting in the sewing room, trying to get motivated to do something.  It's cold, so I might just warm the room up with the heat pump.

2.35 pm:   It cleared up, so Stew went outside to do the water blasting.  Now it's raining again and the poor bugger is still out there, working to get it finished.  I feel bad, inside and dry.

I've been working on my runner backgrounds.

ABOVE:  I have put in more detail on these next four runners.  Lots more.  HOURS more, and I've not even got to adding the actual fat bottomed peeps yet!
But I am sure it will be worth it.  

Steve has not been allowed to eat anything since 10 am this morning.
Now he has to drink 2 litres of foul tasting fluid...

ABOVE:  It looks like he isn't enjoying himself at all!  Poor bugger, he's going to be up half the night sitting on the loo.

ABOVE:  Stew did an amazing job tidying up the back paths.  They were covered in black mould!
Gross, and not nice or healthy for the dogs.
The water blaster does such an great job, not only getting rid of the mould, but the weeds too.

It's now 6.31 pm, and dinner is getting cooked by Stew.  His 'turn' tonight.  He's not had to cook in quite a long time, so I'm not feeling guilty.
I think he's doing mashed potatoes, pork schnitzel and ?  Dunno.

It's getting bloody cold so I've got me blankie on and am about to get my HotPods too.
Catch ya tomorrow.

so cold
sooooooo cold....


  1. Oh my yumm! That looks amazing. I don't suppose you have an Aldi store nearby? They have an amazing Tikka Masala Sauce in a jar. They also sell Naan. Stew has turned into a silly willy like Steve! When you said you had 2 bottles of wine to yourself.... Well, Happy to see they wer little buggers. I could down 2 of those myself. I certainly hope Steve didn't gather any actual "donations" ! OMG - what a clown!

  2. Oh wow, Steve! Your work mates must never know what you are going to say next. Good luck on Monday! Glad you had a decent dinner Chris and Stew, after your disappointing meal the other night! xx

  3. Wow! I didn't see that response coming from Steve re his reason for his collection. Your meal last night looks very nice - glad you and Stew had a lovely evening. I hope that Stew is inside now relaxing. Very cold here today in Christchurch.

  4. Rhonda6:46 PM

    Dinner sounded great! So glad you and Stew are getting well deserved time together. Poor Steve. Having had colonoscopies I found it easier to drink the preparation through a straw. Probably too late for Steve to try this time. Maybe in the future as I’m assuming with his illness regular colonoscopies will be necessary. Hope all goes well for him tomorrow

    1. It's not his first colonoscopy, and I think he prefers to just skull it as fast as he can!

    2. Anonymous9:36 PM

      Yep whatever works for him

  5. Great job Stew, those water blasters work a treat ehh

  6. Kiwionholidays7:32 PM

    All the best for the procedure Steve,
    That dinner looked fantastic
    Good on you going back to where you know
    Makes my mouth water looking at it cos that’s a fave here as well

    Enjoy your night
    Cheers ๐Ÿฅ‚

  7. turn on the heat! Well Steve, I hope your unpleasant procedure goes well today! I have never had to drink the stuff. Not yet! But everyone I know has and it is an awful experience! So sorry! I will poop in a box to avaiod that for as long as I can get away with it!


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