Monday, July 25, 2022


 Well by the time I read about your suggestions to put fish on my variegated green fabric, it was too late.

I'd already done Wonky houses.

ABOVE:  I cut the fabric down into two larger pieces, and two smaller pieces.  I got three runners finished yesterday.  I now just have one more of the larger runners to finish off today.

Steve and Bex decided to try Taco Bell last night, and invited us along.

Who are we to say no to Taco Bell?  LOL  😂😉😋

ABOVE:  I'm not sure if that little video works or not.  I usually share them from my phone to YouTube, then embed them onto the blog. This time is was all different, most confusing.

ABOVE: They enjoyed their food.  One thing Steve got was, according to Bex, VERY HOT.  Glad I didn't try it.

ABOVE:  It took me FOUR VISITS to Taco Bell to realise that the pretty mural on the wall was FRIGGIN BELLS!  What a twat.

Right.   I'm off to start my day.
I have almost run out of Black Thread, so I'm going to Spotlight first thing this morning.
Bex wants to go there as well, so I'm picking her up on my way.
She's a happy girl, School starts again today. 😊😉😏  These holidays have been hard, with the kids stuck inside most of the time due to the atrocious weather we've been having.

Talking of weather, we are in for even MORE torrential rain this week.  There's warnings in place for many areas for wind and heavy rain.  WONDERFUL.

Not that it affects me much.  I'm happy inside, sewing my heart out right now.
I'm getting a real thrill with how much I've managed to make lately.

2.26 pm:  And as you can imagine, I've been busy all day.
Bex and I visited Spotlight and bought what we needed.
The after I dropped her back home, I've been sewing all day.

ABOVE:  I have now made 11 runners in the past 7 days!  Not bad going.

I  have also priced them, photographed them and put them on my Facebook page for sale.

There's been some sales on my Facebook page, which is very surprising.  But nice.

I am taking a break now.  Tomorrow I might start making a few Bowl Cosy's.  I'm down to about 12-14 of them from memory.  I could have more. 😀😊😉

7 pm:  I heated up a chicken and bacon casserole from the freezer stash for dinner tonight.
Only I wasn't hungry at all as I'd had my lunch at 2.30!
Luckily Griffin came over, so he got to have my share for his dinner.

He's now gone home, and we are just relaxing till bedtime.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Hope Steve's new medication is successful and that he doesn't endure any more flare ups. That's a pain you weren't able to do another market when you've been so busy creating all your runners. We had to endure only 4 viewings of the house as we received 3 quick verbal offers and now have a formal written one in acceptable terms (and a very good price). Thank God there's no more constant hoovering and titivating and putting out the best towels and telling hubby not to use the bathroom etc ! I cleaned my cooker hood filter and oven for the estate agent photos, a job I'd been putting off for months (like cleaning the fridge it doesn't actually take that long, why don't we just get on with it??!) Now just the small matter of finding another house before the end of September ☹ We may end up putting furniture in storage and packing the car with a few suitcases to visit the rellies/find a short term rental as we did 3 years ago.....the search is on. We have the Nelson gal's visit to look forward to in 5 weeks - yay !

  2. The video worked just fine. Now I want Taco Bell. But it is a 1.5 hour drive from here. Poo.

  3. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Chris! You're back! Did you have a change of heart regarding Facebook? I'm happy to see you again, missed ya. :D

  4. Pushed comment button to then have a complete blank to what i was gonna say.?so guess i just say GOOD MORNING

  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I want Taco Bell now, too! 😁
    I left the comment about the fish on that beautiful fabric. The houses look great too.
    Still trying to figure out how to sign in without being anonymous.

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hi the runners look great, good you had a family outing...Steve looking well...little boys are cute...


  7. I have just caught up on all your posts! I am so glad you are back (I'm not on FB) Your sewing is just fab - I love all your colour combinations for the triangle pouches! I feel like I've just binged on catching up on my favourite family show!

  8. So funny how Taco Bell is new and exciting there haha. Next time you go take a picture of the menu for me :)

  9. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I am glad you are enjoying Taco Bell. Here in Tennessee we enjoy it too. Beth from Tennessee


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