Sunday, July 03, 2022


 And YES!

Keera has been such a good girl, when she wakes up now days, she takes herself off to the lounge and watches TV till we wake up.

Gone are the days when one of us had to get up at an ungodly hour to feed her.

ABOVE:  It was worth the money!  Getting all three kids to pick up the mess off me sewing room floor.  It only took them a couple of minutes to earn some pocket money.  😊

ABOVE: I was lucky Marley didn't give away where the hair tie was, while we were playing 'Hot/Cold' yesterday!  

She wasn't that impressed having her tail hair curtailed.  

ABOVE:  The weather girl last night on the telly.   Stew and I are like.... WHAT THE FUCK is with those pants?

To be clear, we are not fans.

Apologies if you wear some like that.  

But, to be clear, ya shouldn't.

So unflattering.... look at the bunching up by her left thigh!  And the length... wtf?  Did they run outta fabric? 

OK.  Enough bagging the pants.

ABOVE:  THIS.  Is rather good.

I watched a part of the rugby game between Australia and England last night.  Had bloody NIGHTMARES after watching #15, Tom Banks,  fall badly on his arm and snap his forearm in half!  It was horrific.
And of course, they showed it several times, just in case you missed it the first or second time. 
Poor man was in agony.
I hope he was given masses of pain medication,  and fully recovers. 

11.11 am:  and well.  I have spent the entire morning lazing around, HotPods on me lap, just keeping warm.
It's been a very grey, foggy morning.

ABOVE:  Stew... on a mission.

ABOVE:  And there it is... finally hung on the pool fence. 
Cute little story:
Yesterday Stew was out the front weeding the gardens, and an older man walked past with a little boy, and stopped.  Stew said 'Gidday'... and the man said the little boy always insisted on stopping to look at the Pig weather vane.
I'm glad we chose to put it on the carport, it can be seen from the road and our back yard.

3.25 pm:  Once Keera and Lacy left this morning, Stew and I went out for lunch.
We decided to try a totally new to us place.
The Wayward Pigeon, which is a new area off Wairere Drive, but classed as Chartwell.  

ABOVE:  It's the brown, two story building straight ahead.  If you continue down that road you get to the new Chartwell Interchange, that gets you onto the Hamilton Expressway.
In about two weeks that will be the way I go to head south to Cambridge!

No more winding my way all the way along Wairere, and through Hillcrest.  It's going to be Wonderful.

ABOVE:  So, the Wayward Pigeon is a very nice looking Bar/Restaurant.  Nice decor/seating/ambience etc.  Good service.
We ordered a drink... and while waiting we checked out the menu.

ABOVE:  I wished immediately that we had not ordered drinks, so we could leave.
The menu was VERY standard, and I'd say 70% of the food came with, or had in/on it chilli/jalapeno/wasabi/pepper etc!

I am not into anything HOT at all.

ABOVE:  in the end we ordered bloody wedges and a small pizza (without the jalapeno).  
And the whole lot got a 5/10 from both of us.

The only thing I really enjoyed was the sour cream!
It was a brand we had not had before, very nice.
I will be getting some during the week.

ABOVE:  Hands down the nicest sour cream we have tasted.

After our lunch, we went for a little drive around, visited family here and there.

Home now and just chilling out in front of the telly.

I could be sewing, but nah.  I will get more done during the week.

Well... it's almost 11 pm and I'm about ready to head off to bed.
Stew and I had left overs for our dinner tonight.
Then just watched telly.  
So just a normal evening.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. HAHA, it's funny... your reaction to the pants. I didn't think anything of them. I wear capries all the time in summer because my legs are too ick for shorts. But then again, I am not on TV. I have an issue with "flesh colored" clothes. It began when my son was on the downhill ski racing team. I saw one too many people wearing "flesh" colored Spyder Suits - it makes them look naked. And often not in a good way. So the pants are a bit too "flesh color" for me.

  2. I agree with you about the pants, we have commented several times about them. Not a good look.

  3. Haha, I caught a bit of the weather last night & saw those trousers, also not a fan 😁

  4. How did you find out what their sour cream brand is?

    1. Stew asked the waitress, who went and asked the chef. Simple

    2. I guess it is simple. It's funny to notice a difference in Sour Cream, so much so that you asked about it. It reminds me of a trip to Canada we took. We were eating French Fries and my son noticed the Ketchup had a different taste. So we looked into it. They use sugar , the USA uses high fructose corn syrup. Again.... a funny thing to notice! I do not know of a higher end sour cream brand. I may have to investigate, I do love the stuff!

  5. I like spice but as you say not much choice if you don’t
    Aren’t those pants 7/8 and trendy a few years ago ( but they should fit better than that

  6. Tatua stuff is awesome, worth the extra cost by far


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