Monday, August 01, 2022


BLOODY HELL it's cold!

I'm not lingering in the house today, I'm going straight into my sewing room, shutting the door and putting on the heat pump!

It's so cold my rings are just spinning around on me fingers... it happens every winter.  I sometimes just take them off, cos they piss me off being on the underside of me fingers.

Does that happen to you too?

While I was sewing yesterday I made a conscience effort to see how I was using my sore thumb.  And I came to the conclusion it's not my sewing that's causing the soreness.  So goodness only knows why it's suddenly flared up and being an arse.

It's marginally better compared to earlier on last week, so that's good.  I even wonder if I did jab it with a pin last week, and aggravated the joint.

I sure in hell did stab myself numerous times in my fingers/hands with bloody pins!  Shit I hate pins.  

Right, enough bitching, I'm off to me sewing room soon.  Later on today I have to pick Steve up from the Hospital after his procedure.  Bex can't make it as she will be picking the boys up from school.

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  8.56 am, and it's kinda cold in my house!  Looks like we are in for a lovely fine day though, so it should warm up.

ABOVE:  Doesn't it look lovely out there.   I love my sewing room view.

ABOVE:  It's a movie right?  Think I'll watch that today while sewing.

ABOVE:  Slowly getting there with this one.  I'm constantly being interrupted by messages today!

ABOVE:  2.40 pm and it's now warmer in me roof than inside the house.  Hmmm... according to that the heat from the roof should be getting pumped into the house?
I hope so.
Or I'm climbing into the roof!  lol... as if.
I'll put me blankie and HotPods on.

Just took a break from the sewing room.  Had some lunch (leftovers) and now will just relax for a little while.

Not sure when Steve will be ready for pick up... they thought it would be around 2.30, but it's up in the air.  Either Bex or I will pick him up from the hospital though.
So... just waiting for a call.

6 pm:  Well I really hoped to get one of the new Runners finished today, but it's just not going to happen.
I've been on the phone, texting, messaging various people on and off ALL DAMN DAY!
I'm hoping I can have a quiet evening!

But first, I need to stop and cook Stew his dinner.
I'm giving him a seafood salad and hot spuds.
He will LOVE it.

ABOVE: And that's a wrap.  He's a happy man.
My job is done. 😋😊😉

Now, while he consumes his dinner, I am going back to the sewing room to use the main computer to do Wordle and Quordle. 

8.15 pm: I finally got a  finish for the day!  I will show you tomorrow.  I am utterly thrilled with this one.
Oh and I got Wordle and Quordle solved ... most days I do.
I'm buggering off for the day now.  It's time for some peace and quiet.


  1. You are going to have to feed him. He will be hungry as a bear. Taco Bell?
    I don't sew - but my bestie does. She often uses little clips instead of pins. And also big heavy flat washers (from hardware store) .

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Try saying this when you need to Vaffanculo it’s Italian

  3. I was trying to remember why /how she uses washers. It's for cutting out patterns. It just enough weight to keep things from scooting about.

  4. What's the "burnt toast' thing on your thermostat?!

    1. 🤣😅 I have no idea!

    2. Anonymous10:10 AM

      "Extra Functionality. Burnt Toast Mode Overrides system, puts fan on 100% speed, pumping more air into the house for one hour. To activate: Hold the Down arrow for 3 seconds. Use for: Holds fan at 100% speed for a set period of time. This can help increase airflow when cooking odours or airborne moisture are present." Haven't used it on our HRV but it did bring up a CO2 message when we had visitors last weekend and all the doors closed - went off when we all stopped breathing, lol. Audrey

  5. Dead to Me is a series. Or maybe it's just a message.

    1. *snort* ... you could be right... or not. My lips are sealed.

  6. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Hi Chris - its wet and cold here in Oz - so OVER it. But I just think of the heatwave they just had in England and I think that's a snapshot of what we are going to get in Summer and it blows me away - how hot will it be in OZ - a furnace for sure. Chris I hate it when my rings swivel around and face the wrong way - but I just realised they haven't been????. So that means I have put on more weight - just great news. Oh and did I mention I hate driving in the rain. Sorry for the rant but can't things just be average for a while - worlds largest fire/flood/heat/pandemic - I am aiming for average. Best wishes Maria(Australia)

  7. Rhonda11:38 AM

    Dead to Me is a series on Netflix. It’s a good watch

  8. I haven't used pins for anything for years- it’s always clips, or Elmer’s glue. 😊

  9. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Gee I hope you never need to use the burnt toast feature - but I kinda like how they were thinking in naming it - for sure. Maria (Australia)

  10. Could it be the cutting rather than the sewing that aggravates your thumb? I love the yellow FBG. Hope Steve is OK.

  11. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Seems as if all of your heat is going into your attic, maybe you need more insulation in your ceilings to keep it where it belongs. Heat rises so,,, Good luck with that and to Steve. Ky Girl

    1. The attic space heated up due to the sun shining on the roof tiles... then the HRV system transferred it to the inside of the house. We were not loosing heat from the house to the attic.

    2. Anonymous12:45 AM

      I'm glad to hear that it is not an insulation issue.. Love tin roofs! Ky Girl

  12. So, that is why you call it a "heat pump". Interesting. It pumps the warm attic air to the places it needs to be. We have furnaces or heaters that make heat. I guess my attic is well below freezing in winter. Don't want that crap pumped anywhere! I hope Steve was picked up and fed yesterday!


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