Saturday, July 23, 2022



When did you last clean your fridge?

And I don't mean just going through and chucking out anything old or mouldy?

I do that often.

But what I don't do very often is take everything out, and clean the ACTUAL FRIDGE itself!

Like... ummm... I'm sure the last time the kitchen fridge got CLEANED was in 2020!  Yep.

A bit embarrassed to admit it, but shit happens.  Life gets in the way, and ya forget some stuff.

So today, guess what?

Yeah.  Stew and I will clean the fridge!  And I will feel a bit better about my woeful housekeeping fail.

ABOVE: Stew went to Storage Box yesterday to buy some tongs for work.  While there he got a few things he decided we needed.

(L to R) : Some more bag closer clips. A cheese slicer. Two Toothpaste tube thingees.  A thing to help open bottles and jars, it releases the air lock. And finally, two little whisks.

A quick way to spend $50 you had not intended spending.

Right, I'm now going to catch a few more Zzzz's ... it's the weekend and we don't have to do anything right now.

ABOVE:  11.30 am:  And it's done.  We cleaned that fridge to within an inch of it's life.  Then we went grocery shopping, to like, full the fridge!

It's almost lunch time, and I think we are going to.... TACO BELL again. lol  

And we did indeed visit Taco Bell again.  The initial "OMG this is amazing" has now worn off.
I think the ones I made the other night were almost as good, I just have to perfect the cheesy part and mine will be just as good.

This afternoon Stew and I were pretty lazy, and just kept warm watching TV and dozing.  Old farts.

Neither of us felt like dinner, so snacks a bit later are on the cards.
I went into the sewing room and finished the 4th Hanging Cat Runner.

And made plans for what I'm doing tomorrow.  I'm a bit excited, something the same, but different from the norm.

And that's me for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I think this might be a first! Random items purchased by........ STEW!

  2. Haha, Stew has caught your shopping bug 😂😂. I completely clean my fridge a couple of times a year - usually when Siobhan demands that it needs to be done 😊

  3. I need to deep clean the fridge AND the cabinets. I have so much junk in the cabinninets I don't even know what is there. I am sure half of it is expired. If I make a actual recipe I buy everything, so whatever is in the cabinets still doesn't get used. I need to minimize big time. I am currently procrastinating doing book-work. Marking invoices as paid, balancing the accounts, and so on. Hence the reason I am on your blog right now!

  4. Those jar opener things are brilliant! I use mine all the time.

  5. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Sorry Stew, the Warriors are playing my (shitty)

  6. Anonymous1:55 PM

    The fridge clean thing has been on my to do list for at least a month. As you say life gets in the way. Maybe next weekend.......


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