Tuesday, July 05, 2022


 FINALLY... the girls get a winter groom today.

The poor things are going to FREEZE.

But, as they are 99% of the time inside, they will be fine.

While they are at the groomers, I'm going to get them a hot water bottle each (with a cover) and they can have one each under their blankets.  Hopefully they don't chew on them! 

I will 'trial' their use today to make sure they don't chew on them.   

It might seem mean to get them shorn in winter, but seriously, they NEED a haircut!

If I left it any longer their coats will start to matt, and I certainly don't want that.

That is about all I have on me agenda today.

I think Lacy is calling in again to 'redo' me messy bun.  I tried doing it myself and failed miserably.

The weather is packing it in, and set to stay wet for days.  I've got my fingers crossed it clears up by Saturday, in time for the market!

10.30 am:  Lacy just called in to try and replicate the 'messy bun' from yesterday.

NO LUCK... I ended up with several versions that were all hideous! So back to 'my' bun.

The girls are at the groomers.  I found two hot water bottles here in the house.  But I am going to get each girl a winter jacket.... cos I just know they are going to freeze, even in the house.

The girls are back.

All I can say is, they will get used to them.  They better cos they cost a bomb!

Coco is asleep at my feet.  Snoring her head off!  I don't know where Marley is, I better go and see what she's up to.  She's the one more likely to try and rip the coat off.

Bex and the boys called in to see the girls in their swish new coats.  Both boys are home from school with sniffles.

After they left, I went out to the garage to check on the girls.  BOTH of them had got their coat off!!!  When I checked the labels, they said suitable for XYZ dogs... all much bigger dogs than mine.  
Grrrrr.  The groomers said they fitted them perfectly, so I believed them.

Clearly, they are too big for them.

So I took them back, and switched them for smaller ones.  Here's hoping these ones stay on.

ABOVE: Round Two.

I was going to Cards in Cambridge this evening, but as I've had a headache for 3 days now, I'm giving it a miss.
The last time I had a headache for days, it was Covid.  😥😣
I don't feel unwell enough to take a test... yet.

Dinner tonight was meat balls in a Sweet 'n' Sour sauce with Udon Noodles. 
And now... usual evening parked in front of the telly before bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I always had to trim my Shih Tzu short, even in winter. They are tough little buggers. My winters were sometimes thirty degrees BELOW zero. When it gets that cool F and C are about the same I think. oh yep. -30F is -34C. Brr. Your doggies will be just fine.

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    You're a good doggie mommy. Ky Girl

  3. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Unfortunately Chris I think you guys in New Zealand are going to get some of the fallout from our monumental rain event that is happening in Australia at the moment. This is episode 4 for some poor people in NSW its just never ending. Hopefully you guys only get the tail end. Fingers crossed. Maria(Australia).

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    If the coats cost you a bomb and the girls only go out occasionally, wouldn't it be cheaper to put the heat pump on and you would be warmer as well!! Just a suggestion not a criticism. Audrey

  5. Omg they look sooooo cute 😍

  6. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Doggo's look adorable in their coats!! My mini schnauzer has several :-)

  7. Anonymous6:21 PM

    My dogs hated the wrap type jackets. I found the jumper style much better for them. Lighter, easier for the dog to wear, and more likely to stay in place.

  8. I love the round 2 coats maybe you could design and see some “dog material” dog coats 😁 you’re welcome and “cat material” ones.

  9. Aww ... love the wee coats for your fur babies - they look so cute! Sorry to hear about your headache - hopefully it goes away soon.

  10. Busy times at your place these past few days. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Dogs are looking cute. Hope you are feeling better in the morning.

  11. aw they look cute in their coats. I love the ballet turned out feet. Have you thought about making a quilted version of the coats yourself? I bet they would be excellent!

  12. Hopefully you don't catch what the littles have. I'm almost recovered from my last cold ugh. I think my dogs would rip those off too lol


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