Saturday, July 09, 2022


 Years ago I had a MAGNIFICENT sewing machine ... it was a Husqvarna.  One of the very best machines you could buy.

I bought it thinking it would do me for ever.

But no.  It was in the repair shop on and off for 4 years before the store finally refunded my money (VERY reluctantly I might add).

I named that machine LEMONY for obvious reasons.

It was a bloody lemon.

I then bought my current machine, a BROTHER Dreamweaver.

It was so wonderful, I named him Mc DREAMY.

He has gone beautifully for the past few years.

Till now.

Just lately he's been stopping all on his own ... not all the time.  Just occasionally. 

When I took him to the patchwork workshop on Thursday, he played up a few times, but not too bad.  But it did make me think he probably needed to be looked at by a service technician.

Then yesterday, I tried sewing with him again.

And NOPE.  He was having none of it!

He kept stopping so much I gave up.

Yep.  Every time the red light came on, it stopped.  So, now I have to find the best place to take him to get fixed.

I sent him up to Auckland a few years ago for a service.  They took over 10 weeks to get him 'serviced', and they charged me several hundred dollars OVER the quoted price too.
AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, I drove to Auckland to get him because they told me they couldn't return him for a few more weeks, even though he was ready.

One thing I hate as much as liars, is FUCKING ROBBERS.

Oh hell, here I am complaining AGAIN! But seriously, this is so annoying.  I NEED him to work.
For now, I'm going to use my little 'back up' machine.  I hope I can remember how to work it!

ABOVE:  the difference between my Mc Dreamy, and the Baby Brother.  I think my precise words when I sat in front of Baby were "FUCK, how am I going to use this?  It's like a toy!"

I've now had a headache for over a week.  And nope, I don't have Covid.  I tested myself twice this week.  

Still from yesterday... I stopped into the 'local' (read: nearest to our house), VOLARE Bakery.
It's in a new, small suburban shopping centre on Pardoa Boulevard .  I didn't think it would be busy.

LAUGH's on me!  It was super busy.  A good sign.
I wanted to buy a really nice loaf of bread for our dinner last night.

While there I spotted their Custard Squares.  And yes, they are $7 each.

Now I LOVE custard squares, but don't buy them  because they all taste the same, where ever I get them.   Mass produced, tasteless, jell like custard.  Just ikkk.
But these ones looked different.
So I bought one.

Going to buy another one today, cos OMG so GOOOOOOOOOD!
If you have a VOLARE near you and love custard squares, you can thank me later.  😂😅😉

OK.  I put an SOS out over Facebook for somewhere to take me machine for repair.  And one of my FBG friends told me of a guy in Cambridge who might be able to take it.
And YES!  We are taking Mc Dreamy in to be fixed today.  Such a relief.
I might not have to resort to BABY at all.

Well Mc Dreamy is now in the hands of an old fulla in Cambridge. He's not 100% sure he will be able to fix it!  He's not used to the new 'fandango' electronic domestic machines, but he will give it a go.

I will be crabby if I have to pay him for looking at it, and still have to send it up to Auckland. So fingers crossed he can fix it.  😌

After going out to Cambridge, we decided to swing by the market in Ngaruawahia, even though we didn't attend as stall holders ourselves.  Bex still did.
It was paired down to just a few stalls outside and a few inside the art centre building.

All up I think there were about 25 stalls there, out of about 60+ that were booked in to do it originally.

ABOVE: That is what the market site looks like.  There was a huge downpour just after it started too.
VERY relieved I pulled out of going, and I will get my fee back as it was called off by the organiser.
I say called off, but she did open in a limited way.

Next year she is going to have a 'back up plan' in the event of this happening again.

Stew and I did a few jobs around the house this afternoon.
Then I cooked a really tasty pasta/bacon/chicken franks concoction, and we had it with some lovely Ciabata bread from Volare.
Watching mindless TV now.  It's only 8 pm and I'm almost falling sleep in me chair!

I sometimes think I am still suffering from long term Covid effects.  I just get so tired, so fast!
It's damn annoying I tell ya.  No energy at all.
Oh well... another day done and dusted.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The cost of repairing sewing machines is insane these days. Practically cheaper to buy a new one. Not so much when you get into the fancy machines. But - holy cow! And why don't they just work?! You know darn good and well, our mothers had the same machine for decades and it NEVER bit the dust. Planned obsolescence I tell ya!

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Hi I just realised your blog is back!!! Cheers Peta

  3. wow hundreds to get it serviced? What a rip. Mine was acting funny and I finally figured out there was little fabric lint bits in the track. Got that cleaned out and good as new.

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Awesome! Facebook is a great place to put out a call for help. Hope McDreamy is back in service soon.

  5. I literally adore custard squares! Any, all. Yum. About your headaches have you considered your diabetes? Sorry to mention it again but headaches are a symptom of badly controlled blood sugar so maybe look into that?

  6. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I hope the guy can fix your machine. I would be so frustrated. Going off to Spotlight to spend a birthday voucher. Will see what discount I get with my Gold card lol. Kj

  7. I love custard squares - vanilla slices here. I remember when you got the Lemon and subsequently McDreamy. I hope you can get it fixed without remortgaging your house.

  8. How frustrating for you that McDreamy has been playing up - fingers crossed that he is back with you and working perfectly again soon. As for those custard squares - they look delicious - but I think I might struggle having to pay $7.00 for one. We have a couple of really nice bakeries near us that sell homemade custard squares, but I think the most I have paid for them is $4.00 each. Enjoy today's custard square! 😊

  9. Very frustrating that your machine is playing up, I hope the local man can fix it for you. Enjoy the custard square.

  10. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Custard Slice's look great!! I'm a sucker for a decent bakery :)
    Wow - I too remember the whole Lemony saga and hope McDreamy is back up and running very soon. I love that zip make up bag you made this week.
    Tracy, Cornwall, UK

  11. Rhonda8:54 PM

    Those custard slices (vanilla slices in Australia 🇦🇺) look amazing. I just couldn’t pay $7 for one, but good on you. Prolonged, constant headache sounds awful and you should probably be looking into the cause (please don’t take offence, just gently trying to say prolonged pain should be diagnosed 💕). As Lynda mentioned it could well be due to your diabetes and your diet just may need tweaking for the headaches to settle down 🤷‍♀️ I’m not a doctor and I’d imagine you are very well aware of your body and what is right for you. Enjoy your evening

  12. I do hope you can get the machine fixed locally. It must be so frustrating not being able to use it. I love the way you have your fabrics organised in boxes, I think a tidy up is needed for mine. That bakers looks awesome.


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