Saturday, July 02, 2022


 Sorry for being a right misery guts lately!

I have been in a mighty fine old funk.  Weather?

Might be.  Just one of those down times for sure.

I'm trying my best to get myself out of it.

ONE thing that's making me happy.

My hair.
In the past 2 years I lost about half the volume of my hair.  For a while there, it was falling out so badly I mentioned it to my doctor.

He talked to me about how STRESS can do that... and well... let's be real.
There's been a shit load of stress in my life over the past couple of years. (more that 'NORMAL')

Our son Steve's chronic and ongoing bowel disease.
Mum dying... plus two of her siblings in quick succession.
Covid, and all that entailed.
Being dragged through court by a family member, right after I lost my Mum.  NO compassion or empathy given.  She will never be forgiven.  
A few others lesser things too, but still stressful.

Is it any wonder I lost half me hair?

BUT, I'm happy to say ... it's coming back!
Yep, I can feel it getting thicker again.  Such a relief.

It's a girl thing right?  How we feel about ourselves.  Our hair. Body. Weight.  Yadda yadda.

Clearly I don't give a shit about my weight now... it is not a priority anymore.  I am me, however much I weigh.  

It doesn't change me, or make me a better or worse person by being 20 kilos heavier or lighter.

It is NOT going to be the be all and end all of my existence, like it HAS BEEN for OMG, 40 bloody years!

Today I'm off to Cambridge to attend a walk with the FBG's.  It's in memory of our friend Anna, who recently passed away.  
It's on at midday, so Stew will be on his pat malone for a couple of hours.  

I'm sure he will find something to do.... depends on the weather.
If it's yuk, he will be parked in front of the telly watching sport no doubt.
If it's fine... maybe some yard work will get done?

ABOVE:  A photo taken of Anna during an FBG walk, probably way back in 2017 0r 18.  Anna is the tiny girl directly in front of me.

I'm about ready to head off to Cambridge, just need to tidy the hair, earrings on, etc.

It's a lovely sunny day, but damn cold.  I think Stew is going to get into the gardens while I'm away.

We have kids coming this afternoon, and Lacy and Keera of course.

ABOVE:  2.45 pm, and home from Cambridge.
It was a lovely little outing, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with, and yakking to, so many of my FBG friends.

Now... it's family time.

6.46 pm:  We have just arrived home from dinner out with the three grandkids that are here right now.
Mc Donald's all round.  We have enjoyed playing games with the kids today.
Hot/Cold at home, hiding a hairband, taking turns... lots of fun.

Then at Mc Donald's we played 'I Spy With My Little Eye'... such a good game for kids.  Learning  how to identify items by letter only.  They all did well with that game.

Now we are home, and the kids are playing happily, and Stew and I are just chilling out with the heater on.  It's going to be another really cold night.

Steve and Bex are due back in the next couple of hours (no hurry guys!).  Then we will pack Miss Muppet off to bed and chill out for the remainder of the night.


  1. That's great that your hair is getting thicker and also good not to obsess about weight (as we have all done for years). I would worry though about your diabetes and eating to control that better. I only say this as a friend after seeing my sister lose her foot a few weeks ago (due to diabetes). I think the last couple of years have been stressful on many of us and I'm so thankful that we can return to some normality :)

  2. Happy that your hair is coming back thicker. I hope that means some of the family stress is settled or less stressful now. And accepting yourself they way (or should I say weigh) you are is always a good attitude!

  3. How lovely to take part in the walk honoring your friend. How amazing about your hair, I would like that, what is the secret?

    1. Lower your stress by drop kicking people out of your life! LOL.

  4. Looks like it was a stunning day in Cambridge

  5. Glad your day turned around. Amazing what a walk in the fresh air and then time with family can do for your spirits.

  6. Glad you had a great walk with friends, topped off with time spent with grandchildren

  7. My hair has been thinning a lot too. I am trying to not use the tight hair bands like I was and started taking some vitamins. Hope it helps.


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