Tuesday, July 12, 2022


 Today I am going to be sewing pouches.

Yesterday, in between doing everything else that needed doing, I managed to make this little pouch:

ABOVE:  I love the colours in this one!  It is one of my favourite fabrics ever.

ABOVE:  A couple more snaps from last night.

Now. Steve wasn't in the photos because he was at home, sick.

Not covid.   His Pancolitis is playing up something rotten again.

It's due to him not being able to have any more of the medication he's been on for 2.5 years.

So today he is in hospital being trained on how to self administer the 'new' medication the Gastro Specialist wants him to try.

Today he has 4 injections, then he has to administer them himself on a weekly basis (I think it's weekly?).

I could never give myself an injection!  But I know Steve will be OK doing it, he's not squeamish like me.

Bryan, the sewing machine repair man is calling in sometime today.  He is bringing my machine cover back, it got left at his the other day.  So it will be nice to see him again, he's a nice bloke.

Lacy's car wouldn't start last night, so she's coming back later on this morning to get it taken to the garage for repair.  Everyone thinks it's the immobiliser causing the problem.  Time will tell.

And that's all for now.  

Catch ya later.

12.11 pm:  Well it's been an interesting morning.
Lacy arrived and then so did the AA.  Her car was deemed dead, so a tow truck has been ordered, and we await it's arrival.

ABOVE: Lacy is PARANOID that someone will run into the back of her car! So we have CONES and flashing hazard lights!
It's not like people don't park their cars on the side of the road very often eh?  Crazy tart.

Steve's visit to hospital hasn't gone well.  They couldn't give him the new drugs because it looks like he has Pancreatitis again.
So bloods have been taken, and they await the results.  IF it's Pancreatitis again, he will be admitted to hospital, and put on intravenous drugs to get that under control, before they can address his 'normal' problem, the Pancolitis.
Poor bugger.  Meanwhile, he's in a lot of pain and can only do office work.

ABOVE:  I've not been doing nothing... just finished my 3rd pouch for the day.  Will probably get another 3 done later on today.  Right now though, it's lunchtime.

ABOVE:  Lacy sat there for 2 hours, just watching her car, making sure no one ran into it.  About the only time she moved was to check if the tow truck had arrived!

ABOVE:  Finally!  Off went 'Maudy' to be fixed.  Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long.

ABOVE: Miss Muppet loved her lunch today.  Fruit and marshmallow kebabs and birthday cake.

ABOVE:  Then she got to hang out with the girls.  They love her. 
Well to be honest, they love anyone who let's them lie on their lap!

ABOVE:  Done 5 now (today).  I might make a couple more and call it a day.

9.10 pm:  And I only made one more pouch before calling it a day.  

Dinner tonight was sausages, salad and wedges. 
Now... just watching tv before bed.  Quite tired now... it's been a busy day.


  1. All the best for Steve, what a rotten blow in life to get that condition. We had to give Charlie injections every day when he was little, not pleasant for sure. My sister injects her insulin but that's just like a click into her stomach and she doesn't even feel it. The party/family get together looks wonderful.

  2. It is very unfortunate that Steve is struggling with this. What's up with the medication he needs? Is it supply chain issue due to Covid or the effed up world? I hope the new meds kick in fast and strong and he is better quickly. It's nice that Keera has so many loving family folk around for her birthday. Looks like fun!

    1. The medication he's been on is not supposed to be taken for long, it's not good for the body. He's already been on it far too long, but it was the only thing keeping him 'well'.

    2. Oh shit. I wonder if that is what has caused the Pancreatitis. I am glad he is able to do office work. It is better than no work, I am sure he wants to keep busy. Jeez - I hope he gets this under control. KICK SOME PAN-whatever ASS, STEVE!

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I love the purple and blue bag. Do you ship to the States? I forget.
    I'm sorry Steve isn't well again and I hope the new medicine sets him straight and
    gives him some relief.

    Ky Girl

    1. Sorry I no longer ship overseas. Too many issues involved.

    2. Anonymous2:33 PM

      I understand, thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry Steve is having a setback and I hope he is better soon.

  4. Sorry Steve is crook again, hope they find a treatment to help with the pain. Lovely family photos.

  5. I hope Steve doesn't have to be admitted, poor bugger.
    Fark - your comment to Ky girl reminded me that I haven't worked out how to get the money to you after the bank thing didn't work. Sorry chick. There must be a way to transfer money overseas without actually posting it. Does anyone have a clue?

    1. could you maybe use Paypal to send the money?

  6. Oh no, poor Steve, I hope they get it under cont for him soon 😬

  7. Poor Steve, I hope he gets sorted soon.
    Nice that Keera had some extra family there to share her birthday
    I still like the first pouch you made using Kaffe

  8. Oh Steve, your poor guy! That's awful, I hope you get better soon. Too much drama having chronic issues, and they do not sound minor. Sending love to you all xx

  9. Wishing Steve all the best. He doesn't need this in his life. Love your pouches. So colorful.

  10. Sending healing vibes to Steve and Maudy! May they both be back on the road soon!

  11. Poor Steve that sounds horrible :( Hope Lacy's car gets fixed quick. Love the pouches!


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