Tuesday, July 19, 2022


 Right... first thing today I'm going out to post three runners to their new owner.

I am thrilled to bits that I've sold a few things on my Facebook page!

I'm also going to do a grocery grab.   Just a few basics needed.   I'll go to our local Countdown.  Pak N Save does not appeal at all now.  If you know Hamilton, and the area around Pak N Save, you will possibly know why.

After grocery shopping, I'm coming home and doing some housework before carrying on with my sewing.

With any luck I will finish another Wonky House Runner today.  

And that is me for nowCatch ya later.

12 noon.
And I've still not gotten  back into my sewing room.
The morning has just swept by so fast.

I got a shock at the Post Office this morning.
It used to cost $7.50 to post my runners anywhere in New Zealand.

ABOVE:  It's now $11 !!!   That is a HUGE increase in cost.  Daylight robbery.  But then, EVERYTHING is just going up and up.
How the hell do we live when wages are not going up as well?
I feel incredibly sorry for anyone trying to survive on a benefit that's for sure.  Particularly if they don't qualify for additional support.

But enough about that... I could write a book on how I feel about all that shit!

Once I've had me lunch I will be going into the sewing room for about 4 hours.  Then I have to stop, prepare dinner for Stew, and sort something to take to Card Night in Cambridge.


ABOVE:  3.28 pm and I have the 2nd one done.
I will now leave the sewing room and sort out a plate for this evening's Card Night.

BLOODY PISSED OFF.  No market for me this weekend after all.  They stuffed up their bookings.

Right, home from a very enjoyable Card Night.  I came 2nd, nice to have some good hands for a change.

Time to sign off for the day. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I know the Pak n Save you mean 😉

  2. Totally recommend pass the parcel Chris I changed to them in methven and service is amazing....way cheaper than nzpost for one and have them pick up at home so dnt have to leave the house....have pick up about noon and most often received by my stampin up customers the next day, Westport Auckland Ranfurly Twizel Rangiora Chch have all been next day delivery, got 3 rural delivery clients and there parcel take 2 days.
    You just go there website loggin and reguster order bag sized you need i get small and mixed they send to you and when you post you arecharged for the post. There ya go i just registeredva parcel for pick up at 1.19 its now,1.45 and its just been picked up. NZ post pick up time in Ashburton is 5pm.

  3. I send parcels via Trademe. My last one to Tauranga cost $4.50. They come and pickup from your home too. Brilliant service!

  4. Bugga about the market 😥. Enjoy card night.

  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Love those wonky house runners…
    Great you had a enjoyable card night. 😊

  6. Oops forgot to put my name on my post above. Blogger being dumb again.

  7. Congratulations on your 2nd place tonight. Your runners are looking amazing.

    I agree with Felicity and Lynda ... check out Pass the Parcel - www.passtheparcel.co.nz. I use it for both work and personal couriering of things these days. They are cheap and pretty quick with delivery - e.g. I ordered a courier to pick up something about 2.30pm one day - they collected it from work within the hour, and the parcel made it all the way from Christchurch to my brother's work in Auckland by 8.30am the next day - all for about $5.00. They are free to sign up to, you can order their basic courier packs for free, and they collect from your home. Their website tells you how much things will cost to send - and as well as their custom packs, you can wrap in your own wrapping too. www.passtheparcel.co.nz (I think from memory they are a subsidiary of Post Haste/NZ Couriers)

  8. Pricing jumping up here as well. Absolutely crazy how much everything costs more these days. Sorry to hear about the market.


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