Monday, July 11, 2022


ABOVE:  Little Miss Muppet turns TEN today.

Double digits.  Never to be a single number again.

She's coming over this evening for a birthday dinner with her family.

So I'll have to either go and buy a cake, or bake one.

I don't usually bake, but I'm leaning towards that option, just for the hell of it.

ABOVE:  Look who's back, Mc Dreamy is back!

And he's working perfectly again.

There is a chance he will clap out again, but if that happens, the man knows what it is and can order a part to fix it.  For now, we are hoping it doesn't need that part and his repair holds.

ABOVE:  I made these late yesterday afternoon!

My first ever Triangular Zippered pouches.  They are so much fun!  I'm gunna make more and see how they sell at market.

I can make them all so colourful, it's such fun.  And they are reasonably FAST to make too.

I could probably make a few in a day.  Maybe tomorrow I will see how many I can make eh?

OK... I suppose I should get a move on and start the day.

Bake a cake even!

OH... and as if we didn't have enough rain last week, look what we have coming:

ABOVE:  This time it's called an 'Atmospheric River'.  And it's bringing even MORE rain, heavier in places this time.  WONDERFUL.
It gets the weird name from it's shape btw.  A long, narrow band of water in the sky.  Again, WONDERFUL.  Sarcasm is alive and well here.

10.30 am:  And I have a chocolate cake in the oven.  I've been to the supermarket for 'party' food... bloody EXPENSIVE for just a few things!  😉😅

Yesterday my computer updated to Windows 11.  I'd been putting it off forever, but hit the wrong thing two nights ago and it updated on me.
So far, no issues that I can find.

Some things are even better!  Like the emojis!
How cool are they?
Yes, I did have to put them all up!
There's heaps more of course, objects, sports etc, but I won't do that to you.  lol

While I wait for the cake to cook, I'm gunna do a spot of housework, clean up the baking mess and so on.

I am dying to get back into my sewing room, but that will have to be tomorrow I think.

ABOVE:  We have a cake!  Not the prettiest cake, but I'm sure it will taste just fine.

ABOVE: All ready to make marshmallow and fruit sticks.  The girls can make them later on for me.

We are also having sausages and hot chips and sausage rolls... things kids love obviously.

Now though, it's like 2.17 pm and I've still not had anything to eat today.  Might get something soon.

I had a nice long conversation with my sister Lorraine today.  And Bex and the kids called in to get Keera's birthday dress.
So we are set I think.  😊

ABOVE:  OMG, the cake!  The cake was delicious!  And I made fruit and marshmallow kebabs and they were super popular.  I ended up having to make more!

ABOVE:  Our birthday girl ... I know she had a lovely day.

ABOVE:  Happy Birthday snaps of those who could come today.

Sadly, no Steve tonight.  More on him tomorrow.

For now, everyone has just left and it's all quiet again.  Just dishes to do now (Stew does them), and then we will sit and watch some telly till bedtime.


  1. Great pic of Lacy and Keera. We finally got a great storm here today! Might get another one later.

  2. Happy Birthday to Keera (Miss Muppet). Looking forward to seeing the cake 🙂

  3. Happy birthday miss 10 year old. Wow those years flew by.

  4. Happy birthday little miss keera xx love ya to bits. I love those bags they are great for my crochet projects.

  5. Happy birthday Keera, such a lucky girl getting a homemade cake

  6. Happy Birthday Keera. She is growing up so fast. I hope the dinner is a success. Love the bags.

  7. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Woohoo!! Double digits are so cool!! Happy Birthday Keera! Ky Girl

  8. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Wow 10! Happy birthday Keera have a fun day xx. Anne palmy

  9. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Happy birthday 🎈10 years! Where did the time go!

  10. Happy Birthday Keera. Homemade cake by Grandma - you are a lucky girl!

  11. Rhonda4:08 PM

    My goodness can’t believe Keera is 10 already. I remember when she was born. Happy birthday to your gorgeous Keera. The cake is amazing. It’s made with love 💕 nothing better than that

  12. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Happy birthday Miss K , remember reading about her birth, oh how can that be 10 years ago????

  13. Happy birthday Keera 🎉🎉 have lots of family fun.
    An atmospheric river wtf. No water shortage around NZ ☹️
    Love the emojis and love love love those bags. So bright and beautiful. They've got to sell well!

  14. Happy Birthday Miss Muppet! Cant believe she is 10 already! The years go fast.

  15. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Hi Happy Birthday to Keera!!! I remember Lacy being pregnant...time really flies...I hope you all have a lovely evening...I love the bags you are making...such a clever girl you are! Peta

  16. Looks like a great nite for everyone

  17. Nice to see Keera having a lovely day 😊

  18. Homemade cake always beats bought :). Those fruit and marshmallow kababs look great - I will try that sometime.

  19. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Ths is Ro from N.W.Italy, I would like to compliment you on your triangular pouches, they are lovely and although you say they are "easy & fun" they look very complicated to me. Well done also for the delicious looking cake. What talents. Buon Compleanno to Keera. xxx

  20. Lovely pictures of all the family 10! Wow looked a fabulous day nice cake.

  21. RuthW in MD2:04 AM

    OH!! Those triangular bags are so SPIFFY!!! That cake you made looks absolutely delicious! It all looks marvelous.

  22. Love the bags, so colourful. Looks as if everyone had a great time at the b-day dinner. Cake looks good too, fruit kababs ...must try that.

  23. Happy Birthday Keera! Looks like a fun and happy day!

  24. Happy Birthday to Keera!

  25. Belated Happy Birthday to Keera. Hope the storm is not too bad. Good luck!


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