Wednesday, July 20, 2022


 Well... as I no longer have a market to attend this weekend, I can stop hurrying to get more runners made.

With that in mind, I'm going to take a break from sewing today.

We have a bunch of lemons off our tree, so I'm going to make lemon muffins today.

ABOVE:  last night's Card Night photo.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  NOT because I came 2nd, but because of the company.  I was feeling incredibly crabby before I left, but came home feeling much happier.

ABOVE:  THIS is why I loathe the Labour Party.

ABOVE:  A rant in a different way!  

Right, I'm gunna look at recipes for lemon muffins, or even a cake?  I'm not a fan of muffins really, though the one I had last night was very nice.

10 am:  I've had a very slow start to the day!  I actually lay in bed and watched YouTube videos till 9! Then I got up and started my day.

Now... to find the perfect recipe for a Lemon Cake.

COLLEEN:  Too late:

ABOVE:  the cake is in the oven.  It was a super easy recipe.  I find the simpler the recipe, the better the result.

Fingers crossed!

ABOVE:  It's delicious.  That is all.

I feel ikkkk.  Too much sugar from the cake probably.
I tried to have a nap.  Nope.
So into the sewing room I went.
The skies were clear (ish) so I flung open the windows... nice to get some fresh air in the house.

Just now:

ABOVE: Dammit!  I don't know where that all came from, but I've now shut all the windows and expect a downpour any minute.

ABOVE:  I got the pots off the top of the air con unit and into the rain.  And yeah.  It looks like a short, sharp downpour.  Might have to water them with the hose!

6 pm:  Just come in from the sewing room.  I got another runner finished!  Tomorrow I might think about doing a cat one or two.
But for now... once Stew gets home I'll cook some dinner, then relax for the evening.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    As there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between the parties these days - all slightly left or right of centre - it will be very hard to know who to vote for in next year's election. Maybe practice in the upcoming local government elections. Audrey

  2. Lemon and poppy seed muffins!!!

  3. Yumm, I want lemon cake!

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    This brought a big smile to my face...

    Quote: I find the simpler the recipe, the better the result.

    Chris, I find this as well. ;-) Fewer ingredients for me to muck up.

    I bet your lemon cake is yummy.

    Ky Girl

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Lemon anything is my favourite. It makes me wantt more of it. Lucky you so far away. They don't make lemon cruskits!! Kj

  6. Share the recipe!!!!! I am now craving something sweet and lemony.

  7. Don't water the succulents too much! They don't like much water

  8. Oh! And I forgot to say, cake does look yummy. Probably not quite as yummy and lemon and poppyseed, but yummy all the same! Hahaha!

  9. Oh gosh my mouth is watering looking at your cake. Please put the recipe up.

  10. Yum for lemon cake.

  11. Yum the cake looks nice! I have made a lemon zucchini bread a few times that is really good. We have a few liars in our family too, makes it hard to believe anything that comes out of their mouths.


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