Thursday, July 14, 2022


 Yesterday I put photos of my latest Triangular Pouches on here, and Facebook.

And by 8 pm I'd sold three!

A friend of Bex's up in Auckland got one, an FBG friend got one and Lacy got one.

I was surprised!  Just as well I love making them.  I have 5 more cut out and ready to sew today.

Lacy and Keera are coming over today.  Lacy's car should be ready to be picked up later on today, so once we get the call I will take her into town to get her car.

In the meantime, I will continue sewing those pouches, and probably cut out a few more as well.

Ten past midnight last night.  I get a PM from a large local market organiser.  They have a spot for me this Saturday!  INSIDE the church hall.
So no wind and rain for me.
I'm thrilled to bits.
And a bit nervous.  Excited.
All the feels.

I had contacted them about a week ago, asking to be put on their waiting list for a permanent spot (inside), at their market.

They told me it could take years, I said I was happy to wait.  

So, to get a spot this Saturday is neat.  I know it's only due to a cancellation, but that's fine.  I will have my foot in the door.

I tossed and turned all night trying to work out how to add the triangular pouches to my display.
Not using my gazebo because I'm inside means no backdrop, or hanging space.

ABOVE:  Never fear!  Out comes the good old screen again!  Problem solved.

MAUDY, Lacy's car is safely home again.  All fixed.  

ABOVE:  Driving over Fairfield bridge.... dreary, miserable... badly needs a clean and repaint.

(* phone on dashboard bracket, hands free)

ABOVE:  On our way home, Keera and I stopped to look at the Waikato River, so high after all our rain!

ABOVE: We shall go back tomorrow and feed the ducks.  They acted like they were hungry.  Those three white ones power motored over to us! So funny.

Right, back to me sewing.

ABOVE: Keera sorting out all my ribbons, laces etc.  She did a good job too.

ABOVE:  Bex and the boys came over after lunch, and the three kids played happily for a couple of hours.  OH and she fell in love with that one, and bought it!

ABOVE:  Five more made today.  And I have 5 more cut out ready for tomorrow.
Different ones tomorrow.

Bex and the boys have gone home now, so it's just Keera and I.
She's wrapped up in a blanket with the dogs, watching TV.
And I'm taking a break from the sewing room.

We are having Chinese Takeaways for dinner... cos I'm tired.  I didn't get to sleep until about 2.30 last night.  My mind was going around and around planning what I needed to do for the market on Saturday.  Silly really, cos I'm so organised it isn't a big job getting it all ready!

8.20 pm:  well dinner was just the ticket.  I had eaten hardly anything all day, so was kinda starving.

Time to wind down and just relax.  I'm super tired.  I doubt I'll be up late tonight.
Catch ya tomorrow.
And YOU fullas have been very quiet today!


  1. Exciting news about the market 😁

  2. Bet ya Lacy got the purple one…..
    Yes rain rain rain fantastic news about stall inside.

  3. Fancy ringing so late at night my instant reaction would have been something bad

    1. I mute my phone overnight, but was still using it at midnight, so saw the message come through. I agree, if it had rung that late I would have immediately thought it was bad news.

  4. Good luck with the market, hope it goes really well for you.Your bags are lovely.

  5. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Just checking in, been working today.
    Great news about the market 😊

  6. Wonderful news about the market. Hope all goes well. I know you'll sell loads.
    Chinese takeaways....wish I could!! Yum

  7. Congrats on the inside spot! Have a great show.

  8. Very good news about the market for you. I love the bags you are making at the moment, beautiful colours. I hope it goes well for you.

  9. I hope you do well at the market! I'm holding off til fall-ish here since that is when people like to spend money haha.


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