Sunday, July 17, 2022


 SHUSH.... we are sleeping in!

WELL OK, I'm not actually ASLEEP right now.  But I'm hoping to catch a few more Zzzz's once I've done this.

Can't sleep in TOO late though as we are expecting Stew's sister Khady at around 10 this morning.

She's on her way back to Wanganui from Auckland.

Once she's left Stew and I might go to the mall and have a wander around, have a nice lunch somewhere.  Who knows?

Just a chill out day I hope.

I'm itching to get back into the sewing room and make a few more things... though NOT Triangular Pouches!   😂😉😅  I have enough of them for the time being.

Maybe some bowl cosy's?  I am getting low on them.  And some smaller Wonky House runners too.  

I sold two cat runners yesterday, which only leaves me with 3, so yeah, maybe more of them too.

Something tells me I'm going to be busy sewing for quite a while.  Don't mind if I am of course.

It's me happy place.

10.15 :  

Bed made - tick
Washing on - tick
Lay out all runners so they don't get creased - tick
Warm up house for Khady - tick
Suss out lunch - tick

Something tells me we are going back to Taco Bell for lunch!  😂😁😋

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook just now.  And OMG, I knew what every letter stood for IMMEDIATELY!

Do YOU?  *hint*  it's not very nice!


Told ya it wasn't nice!!!   *snort*

Well... we had lunch at Taco Bell again.  We chose slightly different food this time.  Decided what we had yesterday was better.
Then we left for home.

ONLY.. Stew took the wrong ramp leaving Taupiri, and we ended up heading towards Auckland!
So we had to travel up to Ohinewai before we coudl turn around and head back to Hamilton again.  lol

It was a nice detour, pleasant countryside/road/company.

It's now 2.10 pm, and we are expecting another visitor soon.  Martyn from Tauranga is coming over for a ride on his motorbike, calling in to spend a while with us.  Nice.

6.35 pm:   We had a lovely visit from Martyn, then once he'd left I pottered around in the sewing room for a couple of hours.  Got some stuff ready for tomorrow.

Now?  I better do something for our dinner.

8.23 pm:  Dinner is over.  We had pork dumplings and other stuff.
Now... blankie on, HotPods on lap... watching TV and playing Solitaire on the computer.   

Griffin called in quickly to pick up some mail.  Lovely to see him.
Just a normal evening ahead till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. No idea what the letters stand for.
    What about some boxy zipper pouches, with/without the contrast fabric along the zip ?

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I can't work that code out. Lol

  3. The last B ... would you say boot?

  4. No idea what that code is.

  5. I made it up to the last three letters.

  6. Its lovly having family and friends popping in for visit how is Khany?


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