Sunday, July 10, 2022


 Well.... it's Sunday.

Sleep in day.

Until Lacy and Keera arrive that is.

Yesterday Stew tackled a job that he was VERY RELUCTANT TO DO.

Like he was CRABBY AS FUCK about it!

And that was:  clean or change the HRV filter up in the roof.

We knew it needed to be done, as the 'Replace Filter' sign was flashing on the control panel, and also due to this:

ABOVE: Some of the ceiling vents were starting to show a dirty ring around them, on the ceiling.  That's a sign the filter is not working properly.

ABOVE:  Stew climbed up into the ceiling and got access to the filter... after laying down some boards so he wouldn't fall through the ceiling.

Let me assure you, there was OMG so much swearing going on!

I hid in my sewing room.

I felt guilty for making him do it.

But last time we did it (like two years ago), we got the 'professionals' in to do it.

*** I am going to insert here the story of what happened two years ago, when the 'professionals' replaced our filters:

HRV Hamilton.  The guy arrived last Thursday and installed our new filters.

He broke EVERY SINGLE RULE in regards to keeping himself and us safe.
No distancing.
No sanitising anything he touched.
His ladder collapsed with him on it, and the new filters crashed onto our concrete floor.
He sent me an invoice detailing what he had done. .... he did NONE OF IT!  If he had, he would have had to walk around our entire house checking the outlets/dust rings etc.  Nope, did not do it.
He also made up numbers for the air flows and the temperature readings.

OMG the list is endless of his lack of safety for himself and us, and his bullshit and lies.

So after thinking on it for a couple of days Stew told me I should email the company and make a complaint.  So I did that on Sunday.

Monday rolls around and I got a phone call from the General Manager.  He is gobsmacked! Asks me lots of questions then apologies profusely.

He said another technician would be out here this morning at 8 am to check the filters were not damaged in the fall etc.

So Steve arrives... fully kitted out in PPE.  He asked me a million questions about the previous guy, what happened/didn't happen etc.

Then he goes up in the roof to check the previous guys work and the filters.

AND OMG!  He just told me:

- One new filter was installed, but it was ripped and not fit for purpose any more.
- The other NEW filter was just sitting there beside the unit, not even installed!!!!!!!

So Steve put in new filters, did all the checks of the system, walked around the house checking all the airflow thingees etc.  He did the job RIGHT.

Now I'm so thankful we complained, otherwise we would have an HRV system that was not working properly at all!


So that is why I wanted Stew to do it... at least it would be done properly right?  AND.... we saved about $200 doing it ourselves, cos we only had to buy the filter, which was $56.


So the lesson learnt was:  If you can do it yourself ... just do it.

Today?  Well apart from having family here, not much going on.

12.09 pm:  And we've had a lovely visit from Lacy and Keera.  Nice to see those two anytime.

ABOVE: After they left, we took ourselves off to Wairere Nursery, out in Gordonton.
I had ordered a Robinia Lace Lady for a gap in the front garden, and it finally arrived.

Stew also decided to get us a plum tree.  Yaaa.
And a little pittosporum for a gap in another garden.
So he's out in the gardens doing his thing right now.

His first job is to chop down a tree!  I don't know what sort of tree it is, but it's not a nice tree at all.'s been a busy afternoon.
Bryan from Cambridge rang and told me Mc Dreamy was READY to be picked up!
So I hot footed it over there and got him.
AND the price was incredibly cheap!  Like that man worked on it over the weekend!
My new champion.

When I got him home I immediately did some sewing to check it out. It went perfectly.

While I was doing that, Stew was out in the garden:

ABOVE:  He planted the new Robinia out the front, the pitto down the side of the house, then he cut down that tree, and pruned the hydrangeas in the corner.
They have never flowered while we have lived here.  I think the plant got too tall?
Hopefully it flowers this year.

ABOVE: There is now a new plum tree behind the chairs.  It probably won't produce fruit this coming season, I'm not sure?
It is probably too small yet.

It is now 5.16 pm, and I suppose I should think about making some dinner.  Left overs again tonight I think.  Waste not and all that eh.


  1. Good on you for insisting Stew do the job this time, now you can relax and enjoy it knowing its done properly.

  2. I recall that drama you had 2 yrs ago.

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Hi I am enjoying catching up on your adventures again, I love reading about New Zealand from both your blog and Lynda's...we are thinking of a holiday in New Zealand sometime in the future....Cheers Peta

  4. Stew is a good man. I remember having a security system installed in a new house. The young bloke was in the roof and I heard a crash. All I could see was two legs poking through the ceiling. When I asked if he was ok he replied in a very high voice "yes". I got the boys to give him some frozen peas to shove down his pants.

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Hi again...I just saw that the email you sent me had gone to spam!!! so I missed your message....thanks for sending it...Peta

  6. I totally remember the blog post about the filters! I forgot how bad it actually was! Good thing for the blog. To keep track of what's what!

  7. Thanks for the reminder... I sent Stu up into the attic to clean our aircon filter as well, long overdue!!

  8. Anonymous4:51 PM

    It’s a nice day here for the garden too…..finally.

  9. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Loving your blog been back, just a question where did you buy your HRV filter from?

  10. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Oh so pleased that your machine is sorted….bet you are too.😉.
    And that the repairer is local and reasonably priced is a bonus! Keep him sweet!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. So glad your machine is fixed. I’m dreading when mine needs a service. $50 first up because I didn’t buy it from them and I think she is self taught very recently 🙄. Next option is travel 1.5 hours west or east and leave it

  12. Great to hear that McDreamy is home and working already. I hope you told the guy who repaired her that he was not allowed to retire any time soon 😉. Sounds like Stew had a busy but productive day.

  13. I am so pleased you have McDreamy back again. That is one good repair man to keep. £125 in the UK to have mine serviced plus any parts that need doing. £250 bill I was not a happy bunny.

  14. It is so nice when something GOOD happens. And the sewing machine fiasco could have gone any which way. Great news!


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