Thursday, July 28, 2022


 I'm sewing AGAIN today!

Yep.  Sorry to be so boring, but I'm just doing what I love.

I probably need to tend to me plants at some point today too.

I saw a post on Facebook about succulent care, and I think I need to look closely at a few of mine and give them some love.

I bought a sizable succulent a few weeks ago. It looked fine, but when I touched it.... it just FELL TO BITS!  I did not OVER WATER it either.  Just a tiny drop every Monday morning, like all the rest.  Yet it just died.  

Bex said she bought the same one and it too died on her.  I think Mitre 10 drowns them and by the time we get them home they are already dying.  Most annoying.

Of course, no point taking it back cos they will just insist we killed it.  

Yesterday's FBG Runner is the last one where I stitch the hair with dozens of stitch lines.  It took me an hour just to do one head of hair.  Today's runner is going to have fabric hair with just a little stitching around the edges.  I hope it looks OK.

I will show you what I'm on about after I do the next head of 'hair'.

And if they don't look good, I'm gunna put hats on all of them! lol

And that's it from me, all is going good here. No dramas.  No news to speak of.  Steve is doing OK, no change yet with his new medication.

Well my plan to change up the way I do the hair isn't working out.  I've ended up doing one the same way, but hope to change the next one.
Constantly working on improvements.

It's pissing down outside.  Constant rain.
I think I'm over it now.  😓😕😒

It's almost lunch time, so once I've done the next head of hair I will take a break.

Meantime... what are you doing?  Certainly not reading this drivel it would appear.
My sewing all day every day isn't very interesting is it?  Sorry/Not Sorry. 😂😉

ABOVE:  It worked.  I'm perfectly happy with the new way of doing the hair!  Thank God.  It took a quarter of the time and doesn't mess up the background fabric with wrinkles now. 

ABOVE:  2nd large FBG Runner done.  I'm seeing double, my eyes need a rest!
OFF to do just that.
8.15 pm:  When Stew arrived home from work I'd sorted out dinner.
We went out to Tudo Bem.  A Churrasco Restaurant here in Hamilton.
I'm gunna give it a review tomorrow.  For now, I just want to get warm again.

It's bloody cold out there!.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    You sound a lot brighter Glad that Steve is doing better

  2. I should be basting a quilt as my appointment got canceled but it 12 degrees out side so I’m putting it off
    Just put a hat on some of the ladies, they need it in the sun

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Sounds like your ladies need to be more sun smart - hats all round. I love seeing what you are sewing. Mary in Tassie

  4. I prefer the new way. And the odd hat here and there would cut down sewing as well.

  5. Oh my got its nearly 4 and ive only just checked DCR been a crazy mental day. Tomorrow might be worse. Think i want to just got bed stick my head under my duvet and hibernate. Love ya ladies

  6. the hair is so cute and I adore the pink bandana

  7. No need to apologize for your content. Write what you like. We all here because we enjoy the blog. Hope the rain stops and it warms up for you.

  8. FBG's hair done the new way looks great, I would add more hats too. Love the runners.

  9. I love the new hair styles and the colours you have used for the runner are fab.

  10. The hair looks great, you are so creative!

  11. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Love the hair Chris. Sorry I've got horrible flu and cough, no voice. Kj


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