Friday, July 08, 2022


 Over the past week or so, parts of Australia have been hammered with torrential rain.  There's been massive flooding, primarily in Sydney.

The reason I mention that is because their storm is heading our way!

It's been on our forecast for the past few days.

ABOVE:  Has it arrived?

Because it's taken longer than anticipated arriving, I can't see how in hell it will pass over us, and be gone by tomorrow.

That means I will MOST LIKELY NOT be attending the market tomorrow.

And in fact, the market might even be POSTPONED until next weekend.  I won't know if that will happen till tonight.

I'm really hoping it's moved to next weekend.  That way I might have time to make a few of those cute bags.

Yep, today I'm going to make one (using a different pattern), and see how it looks.

I will need to buy some long zips, so that means going to Spotlight first thing this morning.

But for now... I'm gunna roll over and get a few more Zzzz's.

11.07 am:
ABOVE:  New Zealand IS under there somewhere!

ABOVE:  Well, it finally arrived.  It rained most of the night.  Still raining, but not as heavy or windy as I expected.
Still not market weather though.

I went out and got a few sewing supplies.  Didn't need zips as I have a boxful.  Sadly, not the double ones, but they will do.

ABOVE:  Marley has a soft toy Sloth that she adores.  Bex found a new one at Pak N Save yesterday, and brought it over.  Marley dropped her old one like it was POISON, and only wanted the new one!
The new one still squeaks.  Give it time, it won't for long.  😂😊

I'm going to spend a bit of time in the sewing room, sorting out some fabric combinations for a few bags now.  Then stop for lunch.

ABOVE:  I got out all the Fat Quarters... *sigh*
Nothing jumped out at me.

ABOVE:  Might have to look though the bigger fabric pieces.

BUT, not right now.
My lower back is killing me and I need to take a painkiller and lie down for a while.

Probably something to do with the uncomfortable chair I was sitting on yesterday.  It really wasn't that comfy.  I'm such a Nana.

AND.... just like that.  The market is cancelled.
Wise decision.  Apparently half the area for the market is flooded already.  Goodness knows how bad it will be by tomorrow.
Sad for our friend Ren, who's market it is.

Now my next 'first' market (after Covid), won't be until OCTOBER I think.  So, I've plenty of time to make more stuff!

3.06 pm:  AND ... just as well I've got time up my sleeve cos Mc Dreamy (my sewing machine) is playing up.
I've had a few issues with him lately, but today?
Just can't get him to work properly at all.

I'm gunna have to take him to the sewing machine Doctor.  There's a nice guy in Cambridge I have used in the past, so I will ring up and see if he's still working.

He's died (the sewing machine).  Like literally stopped altogether.  The man in Cambridge retired.  Damn.  Now on the hunt for somewhere honest and reliable who won't rip me off, and can actually fix Mc Dreamy for me.   

I got out the little baby Brother I have as a back up in case of this happening.  I put it on my work desk.  And laughed.  Sad laughed.  

I will show you why tomorrow.

I'm cooking dinner.  We are having a mince 'n' bacon stew.  On a lovely slice of bread I got today from Volare Bakery.

Well our dinner was lovely.  The bread was probably the nicest we've had in a very long time.
I think VOLARE Bakery is going to become a firm favourite from now on.


  1. That storms looks huge! Hopefully it will pass over quickly without any damage.

  2. OMG - that HUGE storm looks like it will wipe your teeny tiny island away! Impressive!

  3. I so wanted to rollovver this morning but got a call a friend was calling in on her way thru town so had to get up. Roads to twizel closed so guess my trip to twizel is off tomorrow too. Winter weathet controlls the reins (rains) haha

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I think they should definetly postpone the markets - those storms that we had in Australia have been so weird in that they stay stuck in the same position for days dumping massive amounts of rain before they move along. Hopefully its lost a lot of its intensity since leaving Australia. Chris those bags look absolutely devine - love all the different colour ways that people chose - I think they would be a good addition to your stash for market. Regards Maria(Australia)

  5. The rain seems to have cleared here so fingers crossed it has blown over.

  6. Yes, my community was the worst hit (again). 4th time in just over a year. Friends have been flooded twice in the last 4 months. I missed 2 days of work because I couldn't get through. Hubby has not been at work all this week, and daughter has been stranded AT work for the last week (sleeping on a couch in the nursing home she works at). Things are slowly returning to normal, and roads are opening but it'll still be days before power is returned to some areas and the major bridges reopen to allow people home. I hope you don't get affected the same way xx

  7. I guess it is good the storm didn't blow you away. Funny about the doggy and her toy preferences. I would love a proper storm right about now!

  8. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Ooh I love your fabrics. Lovely bright colours. Have fun Chris. Kj

  9. You can easily make your own double zippers by adding another pull. Look up the "fork method" I got Gaz to modify a fork for me that I can slide on to my table. 😊

  10. Hope the storm does not cause too much damage. Keep dry. Sorry to hear Mc Dreamy is acting up. Have a good weekend.


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