Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Today I have just one house to clean.
And it's a nice job with a fellow FBG'er, so we are actually friends.

That will take me up till lunchtime, then I will be home.

And as our dryer is dead, I will have to put all the washing on racks in front of the heat pump to get things dry from now on.

I looked at the prices of dryers last night and was a bit shocked at how expensive most of them are now!

'Back in the day'... OMG I'M OLD!,  I bought our last one for about $400.

Now you can spend THOUSANDS on a dryer!  Not that I'm going to.
It's not even in the budget right now... hence putting the washing in front of the heat pump.

There ARE some cheapish ones, but I'm not sure how good they are?  

I will eventually have to get a new one of course, just not right now.  Anyone got any suggestions on what brand/size etc?

I'm not sure what I will get up to this afternoon... there's quite a bit of housework needing doing around here... so maybe it will be that.

Oh I just remembered, I'm hosting Card Night here tonight, so I might just need to clean the floors/bathroom for sure.
And MAYBE I'll bake something for supper!
Some lovely fresh cheese scones might be nice eh?
I've been dreaming about scones, and if you are like me, ya just have to have whatever you are dreaming about.  lol


Well another good job done.  Had a big, sad cat crying at me the whole time too!  He wanted to be inside, but as the owner is away right now... he had to stay outside.  So he cried, pitifully, for two long hours!
I did try having him inside with me while I worked, but he kept winding around my legs and tripping me up!  So sad.

I've just had my lunch, and am watching Home and Away.  Once that is done, it will be time to do my own housework.  *sigh*

ABOVE: ♪ hello my old friend ♪ ... let's get reacquainted.  *smiles*   I do hope to get some FBG walks in soon though ... probably only half walks for now though, and only if they fit in around my jobs.

9.07 pm:  Well...only three of us tonight for cards.  So we didn't play cards, we just sat and yakked!  It was really nice and relaxing.

We had pea and bacon soup for dinner with cheese scones.  Then scones/jam and cream too!  Super nice dinner.  

Now, visitors are gone and it's quiet time till bed.


  1. Maria9:24 AM

    I have a Haier is good but wish I had paid more for the sensor version. Decide if you want a dryer that needs to be vented or a condenser and then go from there. When you decide the model you want, use pricespy to get the best deal. Good luck

  2. Our Griffins a real cool dude with attitude.Love him to bits.Lovely girl, and car.THE OLD MOO.

  3. We have a Bosch dryer. It has a feature on it that I paid extra for and have NEVER used. The feature is a "steam heat" . It mists the clothes slightly. It is supposed to get rid of wrinkles - but I don't think it does. It just makes a few wet spots and dries for a few minutes.

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Hi Chris - Simpson 7 kg+ - $350 odd - usually pick it up on sale, have had two in the last 20 years - so cheap doesnt equal nasty. :-) wouldnt pay more for the others, they just arent worth it. Think of you often. Regards, Michele PN

  5. My friens has a condenser well worth the money

  6. I got a cheap dryer from the Warehouse a few months ago as ours was very old (it was a wedding present from my brother 20 years ago), it was only about $ 200 I think and it works fine.

  7. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Dryer - sensor type, great, don't have to check or over heat the clothes, it cuts off when the clothes are dry.
    If you have a dehumidifier, they draw out the moisture as well as the heat pump.
    Know what you mean about the cost of replacement, our FP dryer's outer metal cabinet was damaged in transit, it worked but the metal was rubbing on the drum, determined to salvage it we unscrewed the cabinet, banged it into shape and adjusted the drum which had dislodged slightly - we were amazed and thrilled that it worked.
    Didn't have to fiddle with the electrics just the cabinet/drum.
    Kindest, Heather

  8. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Oh id love some scones but with no stove its bit hard. Frustrating been 7 weeks now. Its evidently coming from Auckland, maybe via China!!! Have a great night KJ

  9. I've been dreaming about any kind of scones for ages. I'll just have to bake some. They're not exactly difficult...
    Have a fun night

  10. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Lucky the cat had some time with you...not very nice of the owners to go away and leave a cat outside in the cold....not appropriate at all.


  11. Love the sound of pea and bacon soup for dinner with scones
    Nice winter pref..


  12. Had to replace my dryer last month. Not sure which types of marks sell in your country. But I bought the Maytag Bravos XL 7.3 cube ft drum. It cost me $1100 Canadian. It is the middle of the road in price here. Prices have certainly jumped on these products. I always go for the biggest drum that way quilts and blankets fit no problem. Thus far I am satisfied. Hope you find a good replacement.


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